IdentificarX wallpaper

IdentificarX: Celebrating ArtCenter’s Latina/e/o/x Alumni Community

ArtCenter College of Design presents an exhibition celebrating ArtCenter’s Latina/e/o/x alumni community. The exhibition explores the complex and distinct contributions our alumni have made to the field of art and design, and their significant cultural impact.

On view June 15 through August 3, 2024

Opening Reception: Saturday, June 15, 6–8 p.m.

The reception will feature DJ Más Éxitos (ArtCenter alumnus Gary "Ganas" Garay)

Recognizing the Latina/e/o/x community is not a monolith, the value “x” in the title acts as a placeholder for inclusivity and agency. It holds ground for the multiple and varied places, experiences, memories, histories, genders and races that co-exist through the use of “x.” It is a visual signifier of expansiveness and brings together wide-ranging conversations about identity and diasporas in art and design.

The exhibition features over 100 artists and designers, representing the broad spectrum of disciplines at the College. Presenting artists across multiple disciplines, IdentificarX provides a thoughtful look at the pathways and strategies that members of the Latinx community undertake to become part of the culture making field.

The IdentificarX planning committee is comprised of alumni, faculty and staff. The curatorial team includes: Melinda Paix Arredondo, Stephanie Marie Cedeño, Leo Eguiarte, Carla Figueroa, Julian Flores, Stella Hernandez, Stan Kong, Ramone Muñoz, Ana Lydia Ochoa-Monaco, Ryan Perez, and Olivia Sandoval.

A publication with text by Rocío Carlos and designed by alum Erron Estrada will be available in conjunction with the exhibition.

The IdentificarX exhibition and related programs are the result of a collaboration among numerous departments in the ArtCenter community, including the Center for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion; Office of Development; Alumni Relations; ArtCenter Exhibitions; and the Hoffmitz Milken Center for Typography.

ArtCenter South Campus

Peter & Merle Mullin Gallery
and Second Level Galleries
1111 S. Arroyo Parkway

HMCT Gallery
950 S. Raymond Ave.

Hutto-Patterson Exhibition Hall 
870 S. Raymond Ave

Exhibition Hours:

Peter and Merle Mullin Gallery and Second Level Galleries
Wednesday through Saturday, 12–5 p.m.

HMCT Gallery
Daily, 8 a.m.–10 p.m.

Hutto-Patterson Exhibition Hall
Daily, 9 a.m.5 p.m.


Works in the Exhibition

Exhibiting Alumni

  • Citlalli Esmeralda Aguirre (BFA 24)
  • Christopher Alvarado (BS 06)
  • Elsa Flores Almaraz
  • Michael Alvarez (BFA 07)
  • Alan Amaya (MFA 23)
  • Ximena Amaya (BFA 22)
  • Harold Arandia Jr. (BS 99)
  • Melinda Paix Arredondo (BFA 20)
  • Luisa Betancur Ossa (BFA 17)
  • Chaz Bojórquez (Hon. DHL 22)
  • Jeaneen Carlino (BFA 07)
  • Brenda Carrillo (BS 19)
  • Guillermo Casarín (BFA 19)
  • Juan Castro (BS 20)
  • Omar Ceballos (MFA 24)
  • Stephanie Marie Cedeño (MFA 18)
  • Jude Chacon (MFA 21)
  • Franco Corral (BS 09)
  • Angela Ardila Coutts (BS 01)
  • Emilia Cruz
  • Jorge Luis Cruzata (BS 06)
  • Manuel del Valle (BFA 21)
  • Valeria Duque (MFA 19)
  • Vanessa Eckstein (MFA 94)
  • Leo Eguiarte (BFA 09)
  • Jessy Escobedo (MFA 19)
  • Isaac Psalm Escoto
  • Rafael Esquer (BFA 96)
  • Erron Estrada (BFA 22)
  • Victor Estrada (BFA 86, MFA 88)
  • Sonya Fe (BFA 76)
  • Alejandra Fernandez (BFA 17)
  • Reinier Gamboa (BFA 06)
  • Victor Bocanegra Garcia (BS 05)
  • Carla Figueroa (BFA 95)
  • José Flores (BFA 21)
  • Julian Flores
  • Luis Fitch (BFA 90)
  • Jimena Gamio (BFA 17)
  • Gary Garay (BFA 05)
  • Agustin Garza (BFA 81)
  • Lester Guijarro (BFA 18)
  • Andy Gutierrez (BS 17)
  • Gizelle Hernandez (BFA 14)
  • Stella Hernandez (BS 11)
  • David Herrera
  • Gerardo Herrera (BFA 91)
  • Ricardo Imperial (BFA 18)
  • Dilean Nevenka Jiménez (BFA 10)
  • Catalina Johnson (MS 21)
  • Fabian Lacey (BS 07)
  • Nery Gabriel Lemus (BFA 07)
  • Coral Saucedo Lomelí (BFA 16)
  • Maribel Barcena Lopez (BFA 19)
  • Rafael López (BFA 85)
  • Penelope Luna (BFA 23)
  • Rudy Manning (BFA 97)
  • Patrick Martinez (BFA 05)
  • Fran Méndez (MFA 16)
  • Gaby Méndez (BFA 19)
  • Karina G Méndez (BFA 20)
  • Rebeca Méndez (BFA 84, MFA 97)
  • Bibs Moreno (BFA 18)
  • Ramone Muñoz (BFA 77, MFA 90)
  • Joshua Oceguera (BFA 21)
  • Ana Lydia Ochoa-Monaco (BFA 18)
  • Carlo Olivares Paganoni (MFA 12)
  • David López Osuna (BFA 16)
  • Mike Ortiz (BFA 18)
  • Javier Palomares (BS 03)
  • John Parra (BFA 97)
  • Christian Perez Morin (BFA 12)
  • Johnny Pérez (BFA 19)
  • Ryan Perez (BFA 08)
  • Angeles Portilla (BFA 23)
  • David Quiñones (BS 93)
  • Edgar Ramirez (MFA 20)
  • Javier Ramirez (BFA 12)
  • Alicia Rangel (BFA 19)
  • Maria Rendón (BFA 92)
  • Hilda Rios (BFA 18)
  • Roberto Rodriguez (BFA 20)
  • Juan Román (BFA 20)
  • Ramona Rosales (BFA 01)
  • Diego Andoni Rubio (BFA 23)
  • Enrique Saavedra (MFA 92)
  • Olivia Sandoval (MFA 21)
  • Rhombie Sandoval (BFA 14)
  • Andrea Sofia Santizo (BFA 15)
  • Marcel Santos (BS 15)
  • Emilio Santoyo (BFA 07)
  • Yair Sarmiento (BFA 21)
  • Ana Serrano (BFA 08)
  • Stephen Serrato (BFA 05)
  • Erick Solarzano (BS 06)
  • Gustavo Soriano (BFA 17)
  • Ariel “NAVS” Navarrete Spahn (MFA 17)
  • Sergio Teran (BFA 99)
  • Julio Cesar Toruño (BFA 18)
  • Joaquin Trujillo (BFA 01)
  • Michael Bardales-Urióstegui (BFA 21)
  • Javier Verdura (BS 91)
  • Damien Vizcarra (BS 03)
  • Marcus Zúñiga (MFA 19)

Curators highlight work in ArtCenter exhibition IdentificarX celebrating Latina/e/o/x alumni

Detail of Sergio Teran

The Solitude of Latinx

By Rocío Carlos


June 15, 2024
6–8 p.m.

Opening Reception

All galleries

June 26, 2024
6–7 p.m.

Movement Through Line: A Conversation with Medar de la Cruz

ArtCenter Library, Hillside Campus, 1700 Lida Street, Pasadena, CA 91103

The ArtCenter Library presents an evening with Pulitzer Prize winning illustrator, Medar de la Cruz. An ArtCenter alum (BFA 2016, Illustration), Medar has created works for the New York Times and the New Yorker. A Dominican-American artist, Medar’s bold and evocative illustrations delve deep into themes of social justice and the human experience, harnessing the transformative power of comics to ignite change.

In May 2023, Medar documented his experience at Rikers island for a piece in the New Yorker titled Diary of a Rikers Island Library Worker. Through his powerful and bold imagery, Medar provided a brief and unique look into life as a library worker at Rikers Island. In 2024, Medar won the Pulitzer Prize in Illustrated Reporting and Commentary for his New Yorker piece.

June 29, 2024

Alumni Panel

July 19–20, 2024

IdentificarX Film Festival

Ahmanson Auditorium, Hillside Campus, 1700 Lida Street, Pasadena, CA 91103

July 19: 6–10 p.m. – Drama and Documentary
July 20: noon– 4 p.m. – Comedy and Animation

Community Tours

June 20, 2024
1–2:30 p.m.

July 20, 2024
1–2:30 p.m.

August 3, 2024
1–2:30 p.m.

Join alum Angeles Portilla for a guided exhibition tour of IdentificarX across galleries at ArtCenter’s South Campus. All guided tours will require significant walking. These 90-minute community tours are open to the public and registration is not required.

All tours will begin at the Peter and Merle Mullin Gallery, located at 1111 S. Arroyo Parkway, Pasadena, CA 91105.

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