Master of Science in Transportation Systems and Design Degree

The future of transportation is defined by disruption. Traditional forms of movement are being replaced by more sustainable, more accessible, and more complex mobility solutions. In ArtCenter’s master’s in transportation systems and design program, you will join a community of creative leaders dedicated to transformation in diverse transportation disciplines, including automotive design, urban planning, public transit design, and much more.

Program Overview

Transportation is trans-disciplinary: you’ll study design and user experience, policy and global trends, technology and environmental impact. Here, you’ll gain skills in design methodology, strategic innovation, systems thinking, customer-driven research, and entrepreneurial practice. You’ll collaborate on everything from car design to political challenges in the transportation industry alongside fellow innovators with diverse perspectives and backgrounds in design, architecture, urban planning, business, engineering, anthropology, economics, and more.

Rise to Real-World Challenges

In the business of movement, macro factors like climate change and geopolitics are everyday considerations. ArtCenter’s transportation and systems design degree equips you for vital leadership roles in car design startups, automotive manufacturers’ user experience labs, strategy groups for major transit agencies, and global transportation enterprises. Here in Los Angeles, a renowned hub for addressing some of the most complex questions in global transportation, you’ll have abundant opportunities to apply, practice, and expand your expertise.

Careers in Transportation Design

Rapid developments in transportation and mobility require rapid thinkers and innovative leaders who can create sustainable and accessible solutions. ArtCenter graduates go on to exciting, disruptive roles in the fields of aerospace, rail, logistics, transit, automotive design, autonomous mobility, and much more. With a master’s in transportation systems and design, you can build a career in:

  • Public transit design
  • Transit and urban planning
  • Transportation product strategy
  • Automotive design strategy
  • Specialist vehicle design
  • Interior and exterior automotive design
  • Automotive concept design

Earn your Ms degree in Transportation Systems and Design at ArtCenter

There's an urgent need for a new kind of transportation designer, one who understands that the real value of design stretches way beyond styling.

Geoff WardleExecutive Director, Graduate Transportation Systems and Design
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Transportation Systems and Design

Featured Course

Urban Form & System Design Studio 1

In this two-semester studio class, students conceptualize and design transportation systems of the future.

Inglewood sponsored project concept by student Kiran Jesudasan

How do you develop compelling mobility solutions for an inspired future?

Earn Your Master’s in Transportation Systems and Design at ArtCenter

Transportation design defines movement for today and for the future. ArtCenter’s graduate degree program brings a trans-disciplinary approach to leading and creating for the future of transportation. Gain firsthand experience and develop broad, impactful networks for innovation and user experience–oriented design at ArtCenter.

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