ArtCenter Leadership

Executive Cabinet

Karen Hofmann

Anne Burdick
Interim Provost

Rich Haluschak
Senior Vice President, Chief Financial and Administrative Officer

Melanie Burzynski
Senior Vice President, Development

Tom Stern
Senior Vice President, Admissions and Enrollment Management

Aaron Bruce
Vice President and Chief Diversity Officer

Scott Taylor
Acting Co-Vice President, Marketing and Communications

Chairs Council

Sean Adams
Chair, Graduate and Undergraduate Graphic Design

Wendy Adest
Chair, Integrated Studies

Ken Bielenberg
Interim Chair, Entertainment Design

Kristine Bowne
Vice President, Professional Development and Industry Engagement

Laura Cooper
Chair, Fine Art

Stan Douglas
Chair, Graduate Art

Ann Field
Chair, Illustration

Gary Goldsmith
Chair, Creative Direction

Maggie Hendrie
Chair, Interaction Design and Graduate Media Design Practices

Leslie Johnson
Associate Provost, Academic Affairs and Educational Effectiveness

Ross LaManna
Chair, Graduate and Undergraduate Film

Jennifer May
Executive Director, Designmatters

Jane McFadden
Chair, Humanities & Sciences

David Mocarski
Chair, Graduate Furniture, Fixture and Lighting and
Graduate and Undergraduate Spatial Experience Design

Andy Ogden
Chair, Graduate Industrial Design

Ray Quirolgico
Dean of Students and Associate Provost, Student Affairs and Dean of Students

Stewart Reed
Chair, Transportation Design and
Graduate Transportation Systems and Design

Jay Sanders
Executive Director, Transportation Design

Babette Strousse
Interim Chair, Product Design

Geoff Wardle
Executive Director, Graduate Transportation Systems and Design

Everard Williams
Chair, Photography and Imaging

Ted Young
Dean of Faculty and Associate Provost, Faculty Affairs

Senior Leadership Group

Sean Adams
Chair, Undergraduate and Graduate Graphic Design

Lina Dease

Regina Dowling-Jones
Vice President, Strategic Partnerships

Jim Finch
Director, Campus Security

Cheryl Gillies
Managing Director, Financial Aid

Rollin Homer
Vice President, Facilities and Campus Planning

Ray Quirolgico
Dean of Students and Associate Provost, Student Affairs

Lisa M. Sanchez
Vice President, Employee Experience and Engagement (HR)

JoJo Tardino
Director, Special Events

Yoi Tanaka
Vice President, Admissions

Greg Yamamoto
Executive Director, Enrollment Services and Registrar

Ted Young
Associate Provost, Faculty Affairs

Theresa Zix
Vice President, Information Technology