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Graduate Media Design Practices

MediaDesignPractices —Designers for our new now.

Ours is a time of constant change: technological transformations, global tremors, and social and cultural connections. This world demands new design practices. Designers today must be daring, critical, and engaged in their communities. Are you ready?

ArtCenter’s Media Design Practices students are unafraid to use design to question the present. Join our MFA program and use your skills — prototyping and research, creative technology and fieldwork — to envision the future.

Students work closely with faculty known for cutting-edge research and multidisciplinary expertise. Together, our lively community investigates emerging technologies, develops new methodologies, and applies design to global social issues.

ArtCenter is a world class art and design school that’s energized by its Southern California location and Los Angeles networks. Our studio is housed within a soaring, light-filled space — a converted wind tunnel that formerly tested supersonic jet engines. We provide students with large individual work areas and access to workshops, fabrication spaces, and media labs.

We encourage applicants from diverse backgrounds and cultures. Our students come to us from the worlds of interaction design, product design, fine arts, film, liberal arts, computer science, architecture, engineering, and more.

Our alumni go on to become design leaders in every conceivable field: major technology firms, innovative nonprofit organizations, and experimental, independent design practices.

Learn to design for a world in constant change using creative technology, experimental making and social action.

Join our interdisciplinary community and earn an MFA in Media Design Practices.

Faculty member Elise Co merges technology and design

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Media Design Practices

From human-centered, professional applications to speculative, exploratory art and design, MDP has long been a model for innovative and experimental practice.

Maggie HendrieChair, Graduate Media Design Practices

Quality of Life Tactician: Meet Design Strategist Betsy Kalven

Take the next step toward a career in media design.