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Creative Direction

Modern creative direction must be at least as sophisticated as today’s consumers.

Companies all over the world are becoming increasingly aware of the power of creativity to define, build and grow their brands. Hence, the role of the creative director has become an essential and highly valued one that influ­ences every aspect of the way a company looks, sounds, feels and presents itself to the world.

Whether your ultimate goal is to work directly for a company like Apple, Google, Nike or Louis Vuitton, or to work for an advertising agency with the opportunity to touch many brands, our program will prepare you to create and creative-direct content in all of the most relevant and contemporary forms of media, as well as to master new technologies and emerg­ing platforms.

Beginning classes leave you visually and verbally fluent in the languages of communica­tion—including film, video, photography, graphic and interaction design, social media, digital engagement and app conception—and skilled in the art of media-making. In later terms, you will collaborate with students from other majors in Transdisciplinary Studio courses and use cre­ative problem-solving skills to develop consumer insights and dynamic campaigns that integrate all forms of contemporary and new media. And because we break the conventional classroom structure, you’ll get a true sense of what it feels like to become part of a modern communications company, working with teams of your peers under the guidance of real-life creative directors.

Since its founding in 1930, ArtCenter's Advertising program has produced some of the world's most notable and award-winning advertising executives and creative leaders. Recognizing shifts in the industry and consumer behavior, in Spring 2022 our Advertising program will change its name and begin offering a bachelor's degree in Creative Direction. Students who enroll in the program prior to Spring 2022 will still receive a bachelor's degree in Advertising. 

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Creative Direction

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Students craft print, social, stunt and experiential campaigns for products and services to produce a strong, well-rounded portfolio representative of who they are.

Our Creative Direction program is the oldest in the country, and our list of alumni reads like a Who’s Who of the industry.

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