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At ArtCenter, we’re not anticipating the future. We’re creating it.

We believe that inspiration, innovation and authenticity are the true hallmarks of a creative, fulfilling career and life. Here, you'll gain the rich, intercultural and hands-on making experience needed to turn your passion into your profession in today’s thriving creative economy. Explore the many ways we are influencing change across diverse industries.

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ArtCenter students leave with a toolkit to make — and create — a difference in a changing world by developing design solutions to today's most pressing problems and crafting experiences that live in tandem with social action. Our graduates leave prepared to land influential positions at top companies — and our track record speaks for itself.

Your creative journey starts here.

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BFA 19 Entertainment Design

Ainsley Dye
Storyboard Artist, Disney TV Animation

ArtCenter is this magical place where you are continuously challenged and inspired to grow as a designer.

Shannon Faltys (BS 21 Product Design) Junior Color, Materials and Finish Designer, Tesla
BFA 16 Film

Alex Ibarra
Integrated Creative Producer, Google

ArtCenter gave me the focused structure, network and resources I was looking for once I had decided to pursue my passion.

Gizelle Hernandez (BFA 14 Photography and Imaging)Portrait Photographer ​and Director
MS 20 Transportation Systems and Design

Katherina Dakwar
Visual UX Designer, Mercedes Benz

By the Numbers / High Marks

  • Ranked #1 Best Design & Applied Arts Schools in California by
  • Ranked #1 Art and Design College in 2022 by The One Club for Creativity
  • Ranked #3 in Industrial Design by the College Career Project
  • Ranked among the Wall Street Journal’s list of colleges offering “the best financial futures
  • 1st in Social Innovation: ArtCenter was the first art & design college designated a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) by the United Nations
ArtCenter Alumni Center

Distinguished Alumni

ArtCenter’s alumni working at the cutting edge of art, design and entertainment have established a worldwide legacy of creative excellence.

ArtCenter fostered a space that leveraged my professional experience in the film and design industries while providing me with the opportunity for growth.

Rodney Edwards (BS 21 Interaction Design) User Experience Designer, Microsoft
BS 20 Spatial Experience Design

Amanda Sutanto
Store Designer, Amazon

My time at ArtCenter gave me the strong foundation I needed to succeed professionally.

Jacki Li (BA 20 Entertainment Design) Background Designer, Marvel Animation
BFA 14 Photography and Imaging

Gizelle Hernandez
Editorial Photographer ​and Director

MFA 20 Graphic Design

Vincent Than
Art Director & Designer, Riot Games

ArtCenter provided me with the perfect blend of technical photography classes and theoretical art history classes that helped me find my niche in this world.

Kayla Kee (BFA 18 Fine Art) Photographer, J. Paul Getty Museum

My ArtCenter education opened the possibilities for me to work in different automotive industries — such as aircraft, motorcycle and cars — and expand my design tools to become a human-centric designer.

Katherina Dakwar (MS 20 Transportation Design) Visual UX Designer, Mercedes Benz

The best thing that I acquired from ArtCenter (besides meeting my soulmate) was adopting an intense, thorough work ethic.

Alex Ibarra, BFA 16 FilmIntegrated Creative Producer, Google
BFA 20 Creative Direction

Eden Han
Art Director, RPA

By the Numbers / Learning Resources

  • 90+ year commitment to filling our classrooms with faculty who are practicing professionals in the field they teach.
  • 11 Gallery and exhibition spaces often featuring the work of students and alumni
  • 2 state-of-the-art facilities for physical and digital fabrication including CNC, woodworking, metal, 3D prototyping and printing and laser cutting.
  • 2 fully equipped stages for film and photo shoots 2 rental facilities providing access to the latest audio-visual equipment
  • 4 labs dedicated to AR VR experimentation, photo processing, color, materials and trends research and sewing
  • 1 typography center featuring California’s largest letterpress

Top Employers / Where ArtCenter Alumni Work

ArtCenter Alumni Employers
Source: LinkedIn “Where they work” (May 2021)
BFA 18 Fine Art

Kayla Kee
Photographer, J. Paul Getty Museum

I want future students to know that they should be prepared to work diligently and passionately because they'll be getting one of the best design educations that only ArtCenter can provide.

Eden Han (BFA 20 Creative Direction)Art Director, RPA
BA 20 Entertainment Design

Jacki Li
Background Designer, Marvel Animation

ArtCenter goes beyond providing students an immersive and deeply creative, collaborative space by offering the resources you need to get your foot in the door after you graduate.

Ainsley Dye (BFA 19 Entertainment Design)Storyboard Artist, Disney TV Animation
BS 21 Interaction Design

Rodney Edwards
User Experience Designer, Microsoft

The dedicated professors and inspiring designers I met throughout my time at ArtCenter have opened countless opportunities for me to pursue my career in retail and furniture design.

Amanda Sutanto (BS 20 Spatial Experience Design) Store Designer, Amazon
BS 21 Product Design

Shannon Faltys
Junior Color, Materials and Finish Designer, Tesla

By the Numbers / Global Culture & Community Values

  • 70+ Diversity, Equity and Inclusion workshops and activities
  • 25 new faculty of color hired
  • 21+ donor-funded diversity-related scholarships
  • 300+ students awarded internships each year
  • 15 Sponsored Projects per year bringing the world’s biggest brands into our classrooms.
  • 40 exchange and study away opportunities per year with ArtCenter faculty and partner institutions around the globe.

My peers and professors taught me that my perspective should be valued and not ignored.

Vincent Than (MFA 20 Graphic Design) Art Director & Designer, Riot Games

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Career & Professional Support

The Career and Professional Development office provides resources to empower ArtCenter students and alumni with the knowledge and relevant skills to fulfill their professional goals.

Internships Give ArtCenter Students a Leg Up on the Job Market

Strong Bond: CPD Mentorship Program pairs ArtCenter students with mentors

ArtCenter Grad Show Gallery

Grad Show

Our graduating students’ final portfolios are exhibited for employers and the general public both digitally and in person at the Pasadena Civic Center

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