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Transportation Design

This is an exciting time to be entering the field of transportation design.

Not since the birth of the automobile has the industry seen such rapid changes taking place and these changes bring great opportunities for talented designers.

Our Legacy

For seven decades, ArtCenter has educated the global design leaders who have brought beauty, innovation and meaning to the way we travel. ArtCenter graduates led the teams that created the iconic cars of the 40’s and 50’s, the muscle cars of the 60’s and 70’s, supercars, family cars, and a majority of the new concept cars unveiled at major motor shows each year. Alumni contributions in transportation design also include motorcycles, mega yachts, commercial trucks, agricultural equipment, trains, aircraft, spacecraft and more. They have created vehicle interiors that fuel our passion for driving, keep us safe, inform and entertain us. As dedicated problem solvers, they are addressing new challenges shaping the future.

Our Location

Southern California is quickly becoming the new heart of transportation design’s future and ArtCenter is located right in the center of it all. With dozens of advanced automotive design studios and companies leading the emerging fields of new mobility and alternative energy here in Southern California, our students have daily interactions with faculty and alumni who are actively engaged in all aspects.

Our students understand the challenges facing all aspects of transportation and embrace these challenges as opportunities.

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Transportation Design

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Vehicle Mechanical

In this course students team up to build a functional one-person, motor-driven kart out of wood and hardware.

Transportation Design alumnus Sang Won Lee envisions the next wave of design

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