Bachelor of Science in Transportation Design Degree

Not since the birth of the automobile has the transportation industry seen such rapid change—and with these changes come great opportunities for designers. As a student in ArtCenter's transportation design program, you’ll study the history and technologies that got us where we are today while gaining hands-on experience designing, modeling and realizing flagship designs for the vehicles of tomorrow. Our location within Southern California's transportation design hub offers unique access to some of the country’s most advanced automotive design and alternative energy studios. As an ArtCenter student, you'll build your portfolio and your career while pursuing your degree.

Program Overview

As a transportation design major, you’ll approach vehicles as vessels with distinctive personalities, wide-ranging social impacts, and high-performing functions. Here, you'll build on the traditional style aspects of comfort, safety and usability with fresh perspectives on sustainable mobility, product life cycle and brand integrity. You’ll gain expertise in drawing, physical and digital modeling, vehicle architecture, materials and aerodynamics. Build marketable skillsets in one of three concentrations: Vehicle Exteriors, Vehicle Interiors (including UI and UX) or Alternative Transportation (including aircraft, marine, motorcycle, personal mobility and public transit).

Join Our Automotive Design Legacy

Beauty, innovation and meaning in transportation design trace their roots to ArtCenter. Our graduates lead design studios at most of the major automotive manufacturers around the world. ArtCenter's transportation design legacy includes iconic vehicles through the ages, from muscle cars to supercars to family cars to almost any new concept car unveiled each year at the industry's flagship auto shows. Our form-meets-function expertise continues to expand into new arenas, with alumni designing everything from Tesla's Cybertruck and Ducati's Monster motorcycles to mega yachts and spacecraft. Here, you’ll follow in their footsteps—and you’ll join their networks, becoming a link in a global chain of problem-solvers who are innovating the next generation of vehicles.

Transportation Design Careers

The future of mobility is happening here. ArtCenter’s program equips you to make waves and make decisions across the entire spectrum of automotive and alternative transportation design. While pursuing your Bachelor of Science Degree in Transportation Design, you’ll create a robust portfolio from hands-on projects in courses often sponsored by top automotive manufacturers. You’ll form a network of top designers from almost every major studio in the world who will be confident that you possess the commitment to excellence that is the hallmark of an ArtCenter education. Pursue careers like:

  • Automotive Concept Design
  • Interior and Exterior Automotive Design
  • Automobile Accessories Design
  • Motorcycle Design
  • Recreational Vehicle Design
  • Watercraft Design
  • Public Transit Design
  • Alternative Personal Transportation Design
  • Transit and Urban Planning
  • Specialist Vehicle Design
  • Aircraft Interior Design
  • Automotive Design Strategist
  • Transportation Product Strategy
  • Vehicle Customization

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Transportation Design alumnus Sang Won Lee envisions the next wave of design

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A transportation design major positions you to make impactful contributions to a sustainable, mobile future. At ArtCenter, drive for success in a program that incorporates traditional mainstays, leading edge opportunities and a legacy of excellence in car design through expert faculty, hands-on learning and a worldwide network of transportation leaders.

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