First Year Immersion Program

At ArtCenter, you can begin your undergraduate education before you’ve determined the design major and degree that best fits your passions. In the selective First Year Immersion program, you can join other undecided majors as you develop your creative skills, broaden your critical perspectives of the world, and discover the focus and specialization (and major!) that will allow you to flourish in your creative practices.

How It Works

You and your fellow undeclared majors in the First Year Immersion program will take courses in drawing, creative technologies, visual thinking, and humanities and sciences for your first two terms. These classes will equip you with core skills that apply to a wide spectrum of design majors. After gaining familiarity with ArtCenter’s design degrees, along with establishing critical and cultural awareness, you can pursue one of your top three choices of major and finish your degree in six additional terms.

Participating Majors

Through the First Year Immersion program, you can complete a bachelor of design degree in:

The Entertainment Design (Game Design track), Film, and Spatial Experience Design majors are not part of the First Year Immersion program. Students can apply to the First Year Immersion program for the Fall term only.

Learn more about ArtCenter, get feedback on your admissions portfolio and receive guidance throughout your application process.

Lillie Jackson-Jones finds their passion and major as a First Year Immersion student


Work In Progress

This program pushed me to grasp skills I wouldn't have even considered.

Yasmine GutierrezFirst Year Immersion Student

Start Your Studies with an Undecided Major

The First Year Immersion program facilitates your transition to undergraduate-level study in a curiosity-driven, passion-seeking environment. Contact the Admissions office to learn more about the First Year Immersion program, receive feedback on your portfolio, or start your journey toward purposeful discovery!

Student Ryan Miller in First Year Immersion program for undeclared majors pursues Creative Direction degree

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Take the first step toward a career in art and design.