Master of Science in Furniture, Lighting and Fixtures Design

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The contents of our environments shape how we interact with the areas where we live, work and play. In the ArtCenter Master of Science in Furniture, Lighting and Fixtures Design program, we approach these connections in object, space, place, body, function and application from a human-centered perspective that understands furniture and lighting design as integral to our experience of the world. You will study the manufacturing process, gain a deep understanding of industry standards and constantly strive for new innovations in our furniture and lighting design master’s program.

Program Overview

As a master’s in furniture, lighting and fixtures design student, you will research new materials and technologies that elevate your expertise for designing and producing furniture, lighting and case goods. ArtCenter equips you with a broad knowledge of manufacturing, sustainability, materials, market and brand strategy, a deep appreciation of the historical contexts of design and an understanding of narrative as a shaping philosophy for creating environments.

You can choose to complete the program in two years (five terms) or take additional specialized courses over three years (seven terms).

A Degree Made for Market

You will conduct detailed market research to establish a foundation for how your aspirations and visions fit among today’s industry topics and trends with our “Classroom to Market” approach. With fellow master’s in furniture, lighting and fixtures design students, you will collaborate on real industry projects and brainstorm individual solutions that showcase your creative expertise. We invest in design approaches centered on empathy, sensitivity, equity, diversity and inclusion, and we consistently seek new avenues for creating positive change in our classrooms and in the work we send out into the world.

Careers in Furniture and Lighting Design

By investing in an education built on design story narratives, you will develop your personal voice and gain experience in the industry sectors that suit your career goals. Master’s graduates go on to study architectural lighting design, open furniture design studios and create products for leading global industrial brands. You can pursue careers like:

  • Furniture, Fixtures & Equipment Designer
  • Branded Environments Designer
  • Restaurant & Hospitality Designer
  • Retail Experience Designer
  • Exhibit, Event & Trade Designer
  • Interior Designer
  • Museum & Gallery Exhibition Designer
  • Mobile Interiors (Boats, Trains & Airplanes) Designer
  • Installation Artist

ArtCenter is pleased to offer a brand new master’s degree in Furniture, Lighting and Fixtures Design beginning in Fall 2022. Graduate students interested in studying furniture and fixtures design who enroll prior to Fall 2022 will earn a master’s degree in Environmental Design.

Earn your MS in Furniture, Lighting and Fixtures at ArtCenter

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Furniture, Lighting and Fixtures Student Work

Furniture, Lighting and Fixtures Design and issues of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Earn Your MS in Furniture, Lighting and Fixtures Design at ArtCenter

In ArtCenter’s master’s in furniture design program, you will elevate your conceptual, technical, philosophical and practical approaches to spaces for working, living and playing. By blending brand strategy, sustainable and responsible design practices, social-cultural sensitivity and equity, narrative world-building, and a commitment to innovation, you will join compelling creatives at the leading edge of careers in furniture and lighting design.

Take the first step toward a career in furniture, lighting and fixtures design.