Master of Fine Arts in Graphic Design

Practicing graphic design is a process of creating change. In their pursuit of great ideas, our change-making students follow a simple path—they See, Do, and Lead.

ArtCenter’s MFA Graduate Graphic Design (MGx) program educates graphic designers who will lead the next global generation of our profession by influencing companies, communities and society at large and extending the boundaries of communication design.

Expanding upon the College’s internationally recognized undergraduate graphic design curriculum, this MFA program provides an immersive education in craft, design leadership and strategic thought—all within a socially responsible transmedia platform that includes print, interaction, motion, packaging and mediatecture. We emphasize entrepreneurship, leadership and management, with a focus on practical, yet exquisite, professional design solutions.

Our regular two-year program consists of four full terms, a summer term reserved for studio-based independent study and an internship. If appropriate, we also offer a three-year program that includes two additional terms of undergraduate graphic design courses tailored to individual students’ needs.

Design is a process to create change. Our students manifest this with craft, strategy, unconventional thinking, and leadership.

Sean AdamsChair

Graduate Graphic Design alum Alex Seth’s work is a meditation on place and time

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