Bachelor of Fine Arts in Film Degree

Craft visual narratives and tell world-opening stories as a filmmaker. ArtCenter’s Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) in Film equips you with state-of-the-art production equipment, facilities, and post-production tools to make compelling films starting in your first semester. Pursue the film major in one of three tracks: cinematography, editing, and directing. Here in Los Angeles, the entertainment capital of the world, you’ll develop a portfolio of high quality films that exhibit your technical prowess and creative vision for future employers.

Program Overview

Cultivate tools and techniques to thrive as a director, editor, or cinematographer in the film major. With broad skills in editing, directing, and producing, you’ll graduate as a strong storyteller across multiple mediums.

Studying film at an art school allows you to collaborate across disciplines, pairing your passion for film with expertise in advertising, interaction design, writing, and more. In addition to your track courses, you’ll develop foundational skills in the history and business of film, gain experience in other areas of filmmaking, and take interdisciplinary courses that flesh out your understanding of the world.


Embrace the aesthetic possibilities of film with courses in lighting, Modernism, set design, composition, and advanced cinematography techniques. Through hands-on workshops and studio courses in special interest areas, you’ll develop your style and gain experience bringing your vision to life.


Exercise precision and bring out a project’s potential in storyboarding, production sound, and narrative-driven film editing classes. Practice advanced color correction, use visual effects, and analyze historical precedents in film editing.


Expand the horizons of your sets with practical knowledge in pitching, screenwriting, acting, and managing productions. The directing track of the BFA in film production empowers you to lead and collaborate as an experienced equal, to master on-set technical and logistical challenges, and to create environments where actors and filmmakers want to work and thrive.

Filmmaking for Your Future

Throughout the BFA in filmmaking, you’ll have opportunities to develop, shoot, edit, and film projects using our world-class equipment and robust Los Angeles media connections. Learn from dedicated faculty who are seasoned experts in the film industry and gain firsthand mentorship from an established writer or director. Here, you’ll produce as many video projects as you can get your hands on, leading to a sizzle reel of top-quality films that will impress future collaborators.

Careers in Filmmaking

ArtCenter’s directing, editing, and cinematography majors open doors in multiple dimensions of the film industry. You’ll join our influential alumni network working in commercials, music videos, feature films, and television with specialities like:

  • Animation
  • Cinematography
  • Commercials
  • Documentaries
  • Editing
  • Educational Filmmaking
  • Film Production
  • Music Videos
  • Narrative Film
  • Online Filmmaking
  • Public Service Films
  • Screenwriting
  • Short Film
  • Television
  • Television Production
  • Video Art

Your journey toward a career in Film starts here.

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Featured Course

Cinematography for Directors

A Master Class focused on the creative collaboration between Directors and Cinematographers.

ArtCenter Undergrad Film Chair Ross LaManna

Contemporary moviemakers have an unprecedented opportunity to take their creative ideas all the way from conception to distribution.

Ross LaMannaChair, Film

Film and Advertising alumna Sonja Johnson creates campaigns that break walls

ArtCenter faculty member Joy Kecken

Joy Kecken

Film and TV writer, producer, director Joy Kecken's career ranges from co-founding the Film Foundry to writing and co-directing the HBO series "The Wire."

Sponsored Projects

Sponsored Projects bring industry professionals into the classroom

Earn Your BFA in Film at ArtCenter

ArtCenter’s film major sets you up for success in dynamic filmmaking environments. Over 8 terms of cross-disciplinary learning and intentional film production, you’ll establish yourself as a skilled technical expert and a thoughtful creative in the film industry.

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