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In an evolving industry, one constant remains: Filmmakers must be strong visual and narrative storytellers.

We believe in learning by making. Success in the entertainment industry requires a broader base of knowledge than ever before. And with state-of-the-art equipment and facilities located in Los Angeles, the world’s entertainment capital, we equip our Film students with the latest production and post-production tools and encourage them to begin shooting immediately. Students receive a strong foundational instruction in all aspects of storytelling for screens big and small. They then choose a specific track: cinematography, editing or directing. Upon completing the program, graduates will have had the opportunity to write and direct a film and develop a reel of individual work.

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Contemporary moviemakers have an unprecedented opportunity to take their creative ideas all the way from conception to distribution.

Ross LaMannaChair, Film
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Cinematography for Directors

A Master Class focused on the creative collaboration between Directors and Cinematographers.

Film and Advertising alumna Sonja Johnson creates campaigns that break walls

ArtCenter faculty member Joy Kecken

Joy Kecken

Film and TV writer, producer, director Joy Kecken's career ranges from co-founding the Film Foundry to writing and co-directing the HBO series "The Wire."

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