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A network is who we are. It’s the way we’re connected. Network is a noun. And a verb. Plus, if you have an idea to share, need help with something or want to reach out, you’re going to need a network.

And what better group to connect with than your fellow alums? We are 23,000 individual artists, designers, filmmakers and doers who share a common bond. We are forever connected by the intense, soul-making experience that is ArtCenter—and the sensibilities that come with it. We are united through our determination to transform “what if” into “what is.” Together, we accelerate the impact of creativity on shaping a more humane future.

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ArtCenter is very successful in giving you the tools, but it's up to you to put them into action.

Doug AitkenBFA Illustration ‘91

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ArtCenter Alumni often serve as a vital link to industry partners, inviting companies to participate in our Sponsored Projects program


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Inspiration, innovation and authenticity are the true hallmarks of a creative and fulfilling life.

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