Bachelor of Science in Interaction Design Degree

Every technology interaction you experience in a day—from using mobile apps to playing games to wearing smart accessories to engaging with other digital environments—has been designed to maximize user experience (UX). By pursuing a bachelor’s degree in interaction design at ArtCenter, you will gain strategies and skills for creating person-first interactive environments and prepare to enter a burgeoning field of highly sought-after professional digital designers.

Program Overview

At ArtCenter, the interaction design major draws on interdisciplinary expertise in graphic design, transportation design, entertainment design, industrial design, media design, and interactions across multiple technologies. In this way, coursework sparks creative innovation and inspires new styles of leadership by collaborating with other programs and departments at ArtCenter.

Here, you’ll learn new processes and establish versatile skills for mastering the technologies of the future—technologies that will go on sale next year, that will be in development in the next decade, and that are still just whispers in the minds of up-and-coming creatives. The interactive design degree equips you with core methods and tools to lead design teams and impact user experiences throughout your career.

Get First-Hand Experience With User Experience

ArtCenter takes you far beyond the classroom. In courses on everything from data visualization to interface design, you’ll study how real people think, feel, and behave while interacting with products, environments, and systems—and you’ll use that data to design new user experiences. Equipped with knowledge of human factors, cognitive sciences, and psychology, you’ll learn to develop cohesive systems that are evident, meaningful, and impactful in the lives of real users.

Careers in Interactive Media

Interaction design majors at ArtCenter go on to pursue engaging careers and achieve great strides in the tech world. We host active recruiters from global corporations like Facebook, NASA, and Microsoft, and our graduates hold leading positions at Apple, IDEO, Google, and more. Here, you’ll prepare for careers like:

  • Information Architect (IA)
  • Interaction Designer (IxD)
  • User Experience (UX) Designer
  • User Interface (UI) Designer
  • Mobile Designer
  • Web Designer
  • Designer/Developer (front-end or back-end)
  • Content Strategist
  • Creative Director
  • Lead Designer
  • Creative Technologist
  • Design Strategist
  • Exhibition Designer
  • Service Designer
  • Producer
  • Social Media Expert

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Associate Chair, Interaction Design BS
Jenny Rodenhouse

Jenny Rodenhouse

Jenny Rodenhouse is an interaction designer based in LA. She previously worked at Microsoft and her work has been exhibited at Venice Biennale of Architecture and Dutch Design Week. She was featured in Netflix's "The Future of" gaming episode.

Interaction Design Student Gallery

Alum Charlene Joy Dela Cruz brings her UX skills to NASA’s JPL

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Earn Your Bachelor’s in Interaction Design at ArtCenter

UX design is essential to our interactions with digital spaces and technologies. With a bachelor’s degree in interaction design from ArtCenter, you’ll gain the practical experience, interdisciplinary aptitude, and long-term technological flexibility to become a leader in this high-demand field.

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