Interaction Design

Interaction Design is all around us, from mobile apps and games to wearables and digital environments.

The field of interaction design is undergoing tremendous growth and there has been a spike in demand for experienced digital designers.

ArtCenter’s rich history in interaction design spans the fields of graphic design, transportation design, entertainment design, industrial design and media design, with graduates now holding leading positions at companies like Apple, Google, Microsoft and IDEO.

This strong legacy has informed our cutting-edge curriculum dedicated to creative innovation and professional leadership. Our course of study emphasizes core methods, tools and processes that prepare you to lead as new technologies emerge.

But it’s not all about technology. Our students focus on the user experience and study how people think, feel and behave when they use any product, environment or system. By considering human factors, cognitive sciences and psychology, students learn to design cohesive systems that can deeply impact people’s lives.

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Interaction Design

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From ArtCenter to Hulu: Meet Interaction Designer Ting Wu

Interaction designers genuinely believe the way people interact with their world deeply influences their quality of life.

Maggie HendrieChair, Interaction Design

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