Student Success

Getting into ArtCenter is just the beginning.

We understand navigating your journey through college can prove challenging. Things change from term to term. You’re carrying a heavy workload. You’re balancing your personal, educational and career goals.

That’s where the Center for Advising and Academic Success comes in. Whether you’re registering for classes, tracking your academic progress, reviewing student policies, exploring campus resources, or simply looking for advice, our advisors are available to help answer any questions you may have.

As an ArtCenter student, you’re responsible for your own educational and personal success. But the Academic Success team actively works with the Center for the Student Experience, Enrollment Services, individual department advisors, Faculty Affairs and others to help you succeed in obtaining your degree.

Together, some of the programs and services we provide include:

Academic Advising

In partnership with educational departments, we guide students through quality interactions that result in the development of informed educational plans, fulfilling your educational and personal goals. We also schedule planning workshops and fun, hands-on activities to make charting your path at ArtCenter enjoyable.


Through early interventions, the CARE program promotes well-being and safety by connecting students of concern with support services and advisement. More than a 24/7 helpline, CARE addresses long-term issues that may impact our students, campus and community.

Center for the Student Experience (CSE)

CSE provides students with an array of resources to enhance their well-being and foster personal and creative development. Their many offerings include campus organizations, student leadership programs, social outings and activities, housing information, advocacy, personal counseling, insurance programs, and disability support and accommodations.

Creativity and Time Management

With responsibilities and obligations to juggle and relationships to build, time management skills are important to your success both at ArtCenter and in the field. Part of your success will be learning how to tap into your creative impulses for any assignment quickly.

Financial Emergency Aid Team (FEAT)

Representatives from Financial Aid; the Center for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion; Accounting; the Title IX Office; and the Center for the Student Experience will investigate solution options to provide one-time or temporary financial assistance to individual students who are experiencing severe economic hardship and/or urgent unplanned emergencies affecting personal finances. Students who need information about possible financial emergency aid should email (all email inquiries will be handled confidentially).

Scope of service: All student cases will be reviewed on an individual basis, and all students may apply for financial emergency aid. Prior applications or awards of any type of financial aid may be considered by the Financial Emergency Aid Team, but should not prevent any student inquiry and might not be deciding factors. Funding for any financial emergency aid may come from donors, or from the College's operating budget (which is derived from other students' tuition and fees). Therefore, funding sources will be limited and there is no guarantee that any or all financial emergency needs will be met. Financial Emergency Aid will most often be provided as small one-time grant awards (will not have to be paid back to the College). Financial Emergency Aid awards will not be added to a student's expected income contribution for future financial aid considerations, but might be considered reportable income for U.S. tax purposes.

Peer Coaching

While peer-to-peer engagement happens naturally both in and out of the classroom, ArtCenter also has a formal peer coaching network for students who need to develop a specific project, hone their skills, prepare oral presentations or learn new software programs.

Professional Development Resources

The Career and Professional Development office offers a number of professional development resources to prepare students for creative and wide-ranging job opportunities, including career counseling; workshops that focus on resume writing, networking and soft skills; and studio tours that provide a glimpse into the professional world.

Working It

Organized by various departments across the College, CSE brands the Working It series to help students identify activities designed to assist them in the development of skills, knowledge and attitudes helpful to college success in and out of the classroom.

The Writing Center

Coaches in the Writing Center provide individualized support and guidance not only in writing, but also in generating and organizing ideas, improving language and presentation skills, and reviewing employment and scholarship applications.

As an ArtCenter student—whether you’re an international student, a Los Angeles native, a recent high school graduate, or an experienced professional—support is available to you as soon as you set foot on campus.

The path is yours, but we’re here to point you in the right direction. We look forward to helping you achieve your goals.

Center for Advising and Academic Success
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Academic Success Staff

Patty Hernandez
Director, Academic Advising

Brian Gershey
Senior Academic Advisor

Christian Garcia
Academic Advisor

Alejandra Pallares
Academic Advisor

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