An ArtCenter student presents their work during a sponsored programs course.

Corporate Sponsored Programs

ArtCenter is renowned for its highly successful Sponsored Programs. One of the College’s premier offerings, these educational collaborations, funded by corporate partners, take place either in 14-week curricular courses (Sponsored Studios) or in short, immersive workshops (DesignStorms), both of which simulate a professional studio environment.

In these courses and workshops, a real-world design challenge is explored and top industry leaders provide onsite feedback and mentorship as the class moves through the design process. Sponsored Programs provide an enriched educational experience for our students that often leads to internships and career opportunities. Some students even describe these experiences as life changing. Corporations from around the globe seek out these collaborations with ArtCenter in order to witness firsthand how tomorrow’s leading artists and designers problem-solve and create.

A sponsorship fee paid by our corporate sponsors underwrites each incredible educational experience. A portion of this funding is considered a philanthropic gift and goes directly to support ArtCenter, providing critical unrestricted financial resources to the College. Last fiscal year, we were thrilled to offer Sponsored Programs with the following partners: Adobe, Astek, Bernhardt, Epic Games, General Motors, Gigabyte, Gravity Sketch, Hoka, Koenig & Bauer, Lululemon, Mars Inc., Meta, Meyers Manx, Nissan, Pasadena Art Alliance, Royal Caribbean, Stellantis and Volvo.


Total Contributed in Fiscal Year 2023

18 Studios
283 Students Served
27 Faculty Participated

March 2023 - Sponsored Projects Newsletter

Regina Dowling-Jones

Both students and our corporate sponsors benefit tremendously from our incredible educational collaborations. Many of these partnerships come to us through alumni, whom we cannot thank enough for their generosity in bringing these opportunities to our students.

Regina Dowling-JonesVice President of Strategic Partnerships and Development Communications

Sponsored Studio Donor Spotlight: Charles Feng and Didi reach $250,000 milestone in 2023

Transportation Design alumnus Charles Feng (BS 11 Transportation Design) accepted an ArtCenter donor recognition pencil on behalf of DiDi Global worldwide mobile technology platform whose ride-hailing, taxi-hailing, chauffeur services and more serve 550 million users around the world. The pencil was presented to Feng, who serves as the company’s head of design, following the Summer 2023 DiDi Sponsored Studio final presentation where students revealed their interior, exterior and interaction designs for the first Didi Global cross utility vehicle.

I remember how exciting it was to be a student in a Sponsored Studio. It was one of the most memorable and challenging experiences from my time at ArtCenter. Coming back to Hillside Campus as a sponsor has been even more rewarding. The students’ work is always so impressive, and I always learn many new things from their thinking. Plus, walking the halls of the campus feels like going back in time and brings back many wonderful memories.

Charles FengBS 11 Transportation Design
Charles Feng (BS 11 Transportation Design)
Charles Feng 

Sponsored Studio Spotlight 1: Stellantis / Gravity Sketch

This past year, digital design companies collaborated with global brands to offer ArtCenter students real-world design challenges. Gravity Sketch, a virtual 3D design and modeling software, teamed up with industry partner Stellantis to sponsor a Transportation Design course where students worked collaboratively in a virtual reality environment. Students were challenged to design an electric and autonomous Jeep Wrangler for 2030, using Gravity Sketch software.

ArtCenter is hosted a Sponsored Project in collaboration with Gravity Sketch and Stellantis.
College News

Gravity Sketch, Stellantis and ArtCenter Students Team Up to Design the Next Jeep Wrangler

Student-Driven Design Process Will Be Documented Across Social Media in Real Time

ArtCenter Transportation Design Student Jonathan Kfouri

Gravity Sketch helped me immediately test 2D sketch ideas in 3D to quickly see if they were worth pursuing. My project was inspired by the raw thrill of dune buggies and side-by-side vehicles. I tried to refine the aspects that make those vehicles so exciting, while still fitting within the Wrangler’s DNA.

Jonathan KfouriTransportation Design student

Sponsored Projects

Sponsored Projects bring industry professionals into the classroom

Sponsored Studio Spotlight 2: CMF-X Program: Adobe / Hoka / General Motors

In Summer 2022, Product Design faculty members Kevin Beard and Kimberly Marte led an X-Program with a focus on color, materials and finish (CMF), sponsored by Adobe Substance, HOKA footwear and General Motors/Cadillac. The X-Program model was created by Beard and first piloted in 2018 to simulate a professional work environment that requires rapid decision-making, evaluation, teamwork and design leadership. Adobe Substance, HOKA footwear, and General Motors/Cadillac sponsored the CMF-X Program as three, two-week design sprints in which students were challenged to explore design concepts using Adobe Substance. Students also participated in one-week sprints for research, software training, sustainable materials and business, working closely with core faculty, additional specialized faculty, and the sponsors’ team designers for a truly transformative experience.

Kimberly Marte

The students’ capabilities rose dramatically over this single term. The combination of CMF design, material science, business and interaction with the sponsors’ design professionals created astonishing material-driven design outcomes. They thrived in the fast-paced program, which could only happen with the support of our faculty, administrative staff and sponsors.

Kimberly MarteBS 97 Environmental Design
Product Design faculty