Campus and Facilities

In the past year, ArtCenter has witnessed remarkable progress in bringing to fruition years of generous contributions aimed at expanding and enriching our campus facilities. These donors have empowered the College to collaborate with our campus planning team and academic leaders, resulting in the development of new state-of-the-art spaces that foster student creativity and innovation, while also ensuring access to cutting-edge tools and technologies.

From the recent transformation of the Ahmanson Auditorium to the establishment of the Mobility Experience Lab by Genesis, Hyundai & Kia and the eagerly anticipated unveiling of the Mullin Transportation Design Center (MTDC), our donors inject renewed vitality into our campus. Additionally, the upcoming launch of the 908 Shops, promises makerspaces capable of meeting the needs of all students, whether they’re studying fine art or transportation design, which in turn will foster cross-fertilization, collaboration and creativity. These future-forward spaces open up boundless opportunities for ArtCenter students to ideate and innovate at our South Campus.