ArtCenter Fund

Gifts to the ArtCenter Fund are crucial pillars in sustaining our institution's vitality. These unrestricted contributions extend support to every facet of our community—students, faculty and staff alike.

Through the generosity of donors, including esteemed ArtCenter Trustees, the College gains the freedom to adapt and innovate, ensuring readiness to confront both present obstacles and those on the horizon. By prioritizing flexible, unrestricted gifts to the ArtCenter Fund, our donors help to safeguard the vibrancy of our educational environment, nurturing a landscape where students can thrive and excel, both now and in the ever-evolving future.


Total Contributed in Fiscal Year 2023

Donor Spotlight: Earl Gee

Alumnus Earl Gee celebrates 32 years of consecutive giving and encourages other alumni to “complete the circle.”

I hope alums can recognize that their ArtCenter education is a lifelong investment that must be developed, maintained and furthered. A contribution to the ArtCenter Fund is a way to “complete the circle” by providing an alum with the opportunity to assist another talented student like themselves.

Earl Gee BFA 83 Graphic Design
Partner and Creative Director, Gee + Chung Design