Scholarship Stories

Kevin Slackie

Entertainment Design student Kevin Slackie credits the H.B. Edwards Endowed Scholarship, created through a planned gift to the College, for helping him find his true path.

As an older student with financial challenges, I simply couldn’t afford ArtCenter without the gracious donations to ArtCenter from people like you. Of course, I get why the price is so high; the knowledge from industry professionals employed here has been invaluable. Still, this dream would be completely unattainable without your scholarship gift. Without this extra support, I’d still be miserable in a field that wasn’t for me.

In a past life, I was too scared to pursue a career in design, so I chose something auxiliary hoping to still get a taste of that life. This was never going to sate my hunger for creating. My career was successful but still, I felt empty. Like a surprise birthday without any invites, every celebration still felt like a hollow victory. That hole in my heart was eventually filled by a single moment: watching people have fun with a board game I made. A silly concept where competitive grandparents try to guess the “it” Christmas toy filled a room with laughter and jokes. My life has been infinitely better ever since!

I could gush all day about how nice it is to have less financial stress on top of the rigorous workload ArtCenter is known for, but your help means more than that:

  • It means I get to make the most of the experience.
  • It means I get to assure my family and friends I’m making the right choice.
  • It means I get the chance to make a better life for myself.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you so much for your kindness.

This dream would be completely unattainable without your scholarship.

Kevin SlackieEntertainment Design student