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Entertainment Design

Entertainment designers bring stories to life for the entertainment industry through the design of novel characters and worlds.

Entertainment Designers have the imagination and technical tools to invent new realities and conceptualize within the parameters of a given story.

Entertainment Design

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Ricardo Delgado

Delgado has worked on an array of blockbuster films and TV shows, including WALL-E and The Incredibles.

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Entertainment Design is more than you think it is; it’s whatever you want it to be.

Edmund LiangAlum, Entertainment Design
Entertainment Design

In the Making

A thriving arts and design mecca, Los Angeles is the heart of the entertainment industry.

Entertainment Design / Careers

With a rigorous education in drawing, rendering, model building, sculpting and 3D digital tools, students leave our program knowing how to bring characters, objects, vehicles and entire worlds to life.

  • Feature Animation
  • Feature Films
  • Industrial Design Studios
  • Television
  • Theme Parks
  • Toys
  • Video Games
  • Visual Effects

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