Bachelor of Science in Entertainment Design - Game Design Track

You’re part of a generation raised on gaming: collecting home consoles, collaborating in MMORPGs, playing smartphone strategy games, watching and competing in eSports, riding the waves of augmented reality and virtual reality. At some point in your life, you might have looked around to see dozens of other aspirational game designers among your friends and peers. Here you are, actually pursuing that dream—and preparing to entertain the gamers of the future.

Program Overview

ArtCenter’s game design major, a track within the Bachelor of Science in Entertainment Design degree, equips you for the fierce consumer competition and fast-paced development environment of today’s gaming industry. You’ll design and lead in multidisciplinary settings—experience that will benefit you as part of a global corporation or a rag-tag indie outfit—through storytelling, prototyping, and problem solving. With courses in game design and development alongside other classes in entertainment, integrated studies, and the humanities and sciences, you’ll develop a comprehensive approach to creating lively, engaging games and systems.

What You’ll Learn

ArtCenter’s video game design major firmly grounds you in where games have been, what they’re capable of today, and where they’re going to be in the future—with your help. In the program, you will tackle all aspects of video game design with training in the production process, programming, user experience, and design languages. With a focus on hands-on experience, our curriculum provides ample opportunity to practice navigating artistic expression, worldbuilding, and level design using intellectual property (IP) and original art. With an emphasis on career readiness, you will also have opportunities to identify and work within gaming business models (e.g., premium, free-to-play, season passes) and study the economics and service potential of games. You’ll even get a chance to tackle real-world challenges to solve clients’ complex design problems.

Careers in Game Design

A game design bachelor’s degree equips you to thrive in dynamic, leading edge, and experimental game development studios. The portfolio and expertise you develop at ArtCenter will position you for success with start-ups and established companies alike. You’ll be ready to collaborate on everything from text-based point-and-clicks to open-world soon-to-be-classic-RPGs in roles like:

  • Animator
  • Game audio engineer
  • Game developer
  • Game designer
  • Level designer
  • Programmer
  • Graphic designer
  • System designer

The Game Design track is currently accepting new students.

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Track Director

Christophe Gomez

A multitalented producer, Gomez has made games for platforms ranging from the Atari ST and Commodore Amiga to iOS and Android entries of many of EA’s most popular franchises, including Tetris, Need for Speed and The Sims.

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Alumni Stories

James Paick

Designing a Life of Play

A player interacts with Kitchen Kauldron
Advanced Game Writing Studio

Kitchen Kauldron

In Kitchen Kauldron, an immersive game designed by a team within ArtCenter's Game Design program, players dare to join Wendy the Witch's kitchen crew to save her failing food truck.

Earn Your Bachelor’s in Game Design at ArtCenter

The game design major empowers you to thrive in a highly coveted, highly collaborative career. You’ll stand out to potential employers with a suite of interdisciplinary skills, entertainment industry expertise, and demonstrable game development experience that illustrates your capacity as a creative and as a leader.

Animation Career Review

Leading the Pack: A Look at ArtCenter’s New Game Design Track

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