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Game Design

Game design is more than characters, puzzles and environments. It’s about bringing inventive experiences to life through storytelling. It’s about prototyping and problem solving. And it’s about leading in a multidisciplinary setting. As an Entertainment Design student in the Game Design track, you’ll gain fluency in the phases of the production process and learn how to navigate between artistic expression, programming and design languages. You’ll graduate armed with the technical skills needed in the industry and the ability to solve complex design problems, whether you’re working for a global corporation or heading up a rag-tag indie outfit.  

There's more information about Entertainment Design and the Game Design track on our website, including an overview of our course offerings, faculty and alumni, and a gallery of student work.

Degree Programs

Earn your BS degree in Entertainment Design with an emphasis on Game Design

Faculty Director

Christophe Gomez
A multitalented producer, Gomez has made games for platforms ranging from the Atari ST and Commodore Amiga to iOS and Android entries of many of EA’s most popular franchises.

Financial Aid

We encourage you to apply for financial aid, which can help make an ArtCenter education a reality for you.

Los Angeles

Home turf for creativity, innovation and possibility.

Students will learn how to produce games across a team of designers, managing all aspects of a game’s design and production while gaining a deep knowledge of 3D art production, programming basics, story development and more.

Christophe GomezFaculty Director, Game Design

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