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Professional Education and Industry Engagement

Since its inception, ArtCenter has provided artists and designers the skills they need to succeed throughout their careers. This founding principle remains part of our ethos today—and our commitment to your professional education extends far beyond the classroom.

To maximize professional value for our students and alumni, we align key departments and resources through ArtCenter’s "Experience Portfolio." These educational experiences complement and enhance rigorous classrooms and studios with access to team building, immersive learning, global competencies, industry relationships, thought leadership and trends, as well as resources in technology, business and innovation.

In partnership with offices across the College, including Department Chairs; Designmatters; the Center for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion; and the Center for the Student Experience, our Experience Portfolio integrates Career and Professional Development, global Exchange and Study Away programs, the ArtCenter Berlin studio, and Entrepreneurship and Professional Practice to provide a platform for lifelong learning for students and alumni seeking to launch new ventures, build businesses, develop professional expertise and navigate new career pathways through the entire arc of their professional lives.

We actively engage our vast network of creative leaders and industry partners at home and abroad and consider these partners an essential extension of the ArtCenter community, helping shape education programs for students and alumni and attending seminars and workshops alongside them.


Kristine Bowne

Vice President, Professional Development and Industry Engagement

626 396-2474

Entrepreneurship and Professional Practice

Prepares our students and alumni with skills and networks to launch and build businesses, startups and freelance careers.

Career and Professional Development

Empowering ArtCenter students and alumni with the knowledge and relevant skills to fulfill their professional goals.

ArtCenter Berlin

Giving ArtCenter students an immersive experience in a city known for reinvention.

Exchange and Study Away

ArtCenter’s curriculum offers students the means to address design challenges and explore artistic opportunities wherever they occur.