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No longer simply confined to PCs and home consoles, the video game industry in 2016 generated revenue surpassing $30 billion in the U.S. alone. And the ubiquitous nature of smartphones and the meteoric rise of eSports—not to mention the burgeoning fields of augmented, mixed and virtual reality—means the industry will keep growing.

But an arena that large means competition for consumers’ attention in today’s gaming industry is fierce. It also means that whether a game is being developed inside a global corporation or by a rag-tag indie outfit, the need for well-rounded game designers is greater than ever.

Enter ArtCenter College of Design.

Game Design is a new track in our Entertainment Design Bachelor of Science program. The track’s goal is to produce game designers who can lead in a multidisciplinary setting and bring inventive experiences to life through storytelling, prototyping and problem solving.

What you’ll learn

As an Entertainment Design student in the Game Design track you will focus on acquiring the technical skills necessary for competency in game design; gaining fluency in the phases of the production process; learning how to navigate between artistic expression, programming and design languages; and developing your ability to identify, understand and solve a client's complex design problems.

Our faculty of professionals will also teach you how to identify and understand various business models (e.g. premium, free-to-play, season passes) and how monetization decisions affect a game’s design.

With more than 30 entertainment-related courses ranging from The History of Gaming to Player Experience and Usability Testing, students will have the chance to take a deep dive into their discipline as well as receive a well-rounded education through the College’s Humanities and Sciences and Integrated Studies departments.

The Game Design track is currently accepting new students.

Financial Aid

We encourage you to apply for financial aid, which can help make an ArtCenter education a reality for you.


Christophe Gomez
A multitalented producer, Gomez has made games for platforms ranging from the Atari ST and Commodore Amiga to iOS and Android entries of many of EA’s most popular franchises, including Tetris, Need for Speed and The Sims.

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