With nearly 200 innovative courses in art and design, ACX offers a world of possibilities.

ACX—the College’s part-time continuing studies program—is ideal for students, adult learners and practicing professionals who want to refine existing skills or learn new ones.

ACX is where many students first explore the educational opportunities ArtCenter offers, take courses and create projects to build their portfolios for admission.

Also open to art and design professionals as well as those new to the creative process, ACX offers a wide range of challenging, studio-based and academic classes taught by many of the same faculty teaching in the College’s degree programs.


Student Gallery

I love interacting with students and seeing what they come up with.

Debra ValenciaInstructor, ACX

Jesse Ellico

Jesse Ellico is a Mechanical Engineer with a passion for airplanes and hands-on work. His accomplishments include racing in the Baja 100, teaching at ArtCenter and Otis, and working on the B2 Bomber.


In the Making

Take the next step toward developing new skills in art and design.