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Interaction Design

Interaction design is more than apps, games, wearables and digital environments. It’s about studying how people think, feel and behave when they use any product, environment or system. As an Interaction Design student at ArtCenter, you’ll learn how to invent experiences that impact how we work, socialize, play and travel. By considering human factors, visual and digital product design, prototyping and new interface tools, you’ll learn how to design cohesive systems that can deeply impact people’s lives. And when you graduate, you’ll be ready to lead as new technologies emerge in a field currently undergoing tremendous growth.

There's more information about Interaction Design on our website, including an overview of our course offerings, faculty bios, and a gallery of student work.

Degree Programs

Earn your BS degree in Interaction Design

Department Chair

Maggie Hendrie
User experience pioneer Maggie Hendrie has worked with Fortune 500 companies such as Allstate, PepsiCo, Mattel and Toyota.

Financial Aid

We encourage you to apply for financial aid, which can help make an ArtCenter education a reality for you.

Los Angeles

Home turf for creativity, innovation and possibility.

Interaction designers must be prepared not only for multidisciplinary projects and work environments but for a medium that can range from gestural sensor-driven networks to gameplay and wired cities.

Maggie HendrieDepartment Chair, Interaction Design
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