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Alumni Reunion

Thank you

Thank you for joining us for our inaugural ArtCenter Alumni Reunion weekend. We hope you enjoyed connecting with ArtCenter alums old and new, and seeing the exciting expansion of the South Campus. We are particularly proud of the recently opened Alumni Center, Heavin Studio and Mullin Gallery.

We will be sending you a brief survey for feedback on the Reunion weekend soon and thank you in advance for your participation. Please be sure to follow the AlumNetwork on Facebook (ArtCenter AlumNetwork) and Instagram (@artcenter_alumnetwork) to view photos from the weekend and stay up-to-date on upcoming programs in the Alumni Center.

Thank you to Bruce Heavin (BFA 93 Illustration) and Lynda Weinman for keeping our community engaged and connected by making this reunion possible for the AlumNetwork.

Special thanks to all the volunteers on the Alumni Reunion Committee for their leadership in helping to plan a fantastic weekend:

  • Aiko Alegria, BFA 04 Advertising
  • Kevin Bethune, MFA 12 Graduate Industrial Design; FullCircle Board
  • Brian Burchfield, BFA 87 Graphic Design
  • Terry Coolidge, BFA 95 Illustration
  • Tom Cordner, BFA 72 Advertising; Vice Chair, FullCircle Board
  • Tahnee Cracchiola, BFA 94 Photography and Imaging
  • Lujan Decima, BFA 05 Graphic Design
  • John Deyto, BFA 96 Photography and Imaging; Co-chair, Los Angeles Alumni Chapter
  • Keiko Doi, BFA 97 Fine Art; Director, AlumNetwork
  • Pam Elyea, BFA 75 Photography and Imaging
  • Mark Fennimore, BFA 86 Advertising; FullCircle Board
  • Jessica Fiorella, BFA 00 Graphic Design
  • Annelise Jarvis Hansen, BFA 75 Illustration
  • Will Hare, BFA 93 Photography and Imaging
  • Karen Hofmann, BS 97 Product Design; Provost and Chair, Product Design
  • Richard Holbrook, BS 81 Transportation Design; FullCircle Board
  • Gail Howland, BFA 04 Photography and Imaging; FullCircle Board
  • Cecil Kim, BFA 96 Illustration
  • Stan Kong, BS 83 Product Design; FullCircle Board
  • Cindy Lee, BFA 86 Advertising
  • Wendee Lee, BS 02 Product Design
  • Jonah Light, BFA 00 Photography and Imaging
  • Greg Mann, BFA 86 Illustration
  • Kristen McGregor, BFA 89 Photography and Imaging
  • Chris Miller, BFA 89 Film
  • Kathryn Nyquist, BFA 08 Advertising
  • Andy Ogden, BS 83 Transportation Design; Chair, Graduate Industrial Design; FullCircle Board
  • Francis Pollara, BFA 10 Film
  • Stewart Reed, BS 69 Transportation Design; Chair, Transportation Design
  • Julian Ryder, BFA 72 Advertising; Chair, FullCircle Board
  • Mara Sandoval, BFA 98 Graphic Design
  • Katie Sprague, BFA 91 Graphic Design; FullCircle Board
  • Michael Stern, BFA 79 Photography and Imaging
  • Vanessa Stump, BFA 00 Photography and Imaging; Co-chair, Los Angeles Alumni Chapter
  • Simona Szabados, BFA 16 Graphic Design
  • Will Wright, MFA 05 Film

Please contact us at or 626 396-2305 should you have any questions or comments about the Reunion.

Thank you again for joining us.

Best regards,
ArtCenter AlumNetwork

Reunion party

2018 Alumni Reunion Photos

It was an Alumni Reunion like no other at ArtCenter. Hundreds of alumni from different departments and years enjoyed a weekend full of events and reconnecting.