ArtCenter Honor Roll

Fiscal Year 2023 (July 2022–June 2023)

Totals reflect cash received within the fiscal year.


The Ahmanson Foundation
Jeffrey Barbakow and Margo Baker Barbakow
Don and Ailene Chambers Mustang Country
Artists for ArtCenter- A Benefit Sale through the David Zwirner Gallery
The Getty Foundation
Gravity Sketch
Bruce Heavin BFA 93 Illustration and Lynda Weinman
J. Yang & Family Foundation
Mike Kelley Foundation for the Arts
Lowell Milken Family Foundation
Merle and Peter Mullin
Charles Nearburg and Karen Miller
Phillip Sarofim


California Arts Council
Cedars-Sinai Medical Center
Richard and Jean Coyne Family Foundation
Kenneth Deardoff BFA 56 Illustration†
Epic Games
Hutto-Patterson Charitable Foundation
Institute of Museum and Library Services
Emily and Sam Mann
Mary and David Martin
Nissan Design
The Rose Hills Foundation
Royal Caribbean
Volvo AB
Xiaoju Science and Technology Ltd.


Adobe Systems, Inc.
American Honda Motor Co., Inc.
Angelo Donghia Foundation, Inc.
Aratani Foundation
Mary and Ron Bension
California State Library
Conscious Minds Studios
Ronald Galella BFA 57 Photography†
General Motors Foundation
Rowe and Gayle Giesen Trust
Hitter Family Foundation
Melissa and Michael Lora
Pasadena Art Alliance
Sappi North America
Michael Shinoda BFA 98 Illustration and Anna Shinoda


AsusTeK Computer Inc
Bernhardt Design
Kevin Bethune MS 12 Industrial Design and Sefanit Bethune
Chris Birchby MFA 01 Art and A.J. Birchby
Brilliant Corners
The Ray Charles Foundation
ConAgra Brands Inc.
Janice Feldman and Mitch Grossman
Mark Fennimore BFA 86 Advertising
Ford Motor Company Fund
The Francis Bacon Foundation, Inc.
Google Inc.
Bill Gross and Marcia Goodstein
Lisa A. Blair and Karen M. Hofmann BS 97 Product Design
J. Craig Venter Institute
Karma Gallery
Andrew Kramer BS 73 Environmental Design and Carol Kramer BFA 73 Illustration
Joseph Lacko BFA 97 Film and Rebecca Lacko
Richard Kenneth Law MS 58 Industrial Design
Prajna Murdaya and Irene Tedja
The Kenneth T. and Eileen L. Norris Foundation
Brenda Potter
Ivy Ross and Arthur Drooker
Jack Shear
University of Technology Sydney
Judy Webb
Maud Winchester and Lucas Reiner


Lita Albuquerque
American Society for Engineering Education
Rob Ball BS 83 Environmental Design
Martha and Ronald Doornink
Carla Figueroa BFA 95 Graphic/Packaging and Eduardo Repetto
Linda Hinrichs BFA 64 Advertising and Kit Hinrichs BFA 63 Advertising
Jane Moon BFA 06 Graphic Design
Theodor Owens BFA 81 Illustration
Paul Rogers BFA 80 Illustration
Julian Ryder BFA 72 Advertising and Joanna Ryder
Annette and Doug Shafer
Arthur Stasney
Betsy and Mark Stern
Ruth Williamson


Academy Museum of Motion Pictures
Kristine Bowne
Wendel Bruss
Laura Cooper and Nick Taggart
Tom Cordner, Jr. BFA 72 Advertising and Mary Lim
Edward D. and Anna Mitchell Foundation
Emily and Henry Hancock
David Marek BS 87 Transportation Design
Darryl Mori
Seeley W. Mudd Foundation
Babette Strousse
Clare and Christopher Tayback
Alyce de Roulet Williamson
Scott Yu BS 82 Transportation Design


Michael Abbink BFA 96 Graphic Design and Jeanette Abbink
Sara and George Abdo
Shereen Abdul-Baki MFA 03 Media Design Practices
Bobbi Abram
Elaine and Peter Adams
Lynn Aldrich MFA 86 Art
Mary and Nick Alexander
Charles Allen, Jr. BS 68 Product Design
Grace Ray Anderson
Walter Andrus BFA 75 Film and Loree Andrus
Ruth Arnoldt
Jacqueline Ball
Ann Dobson Barrett and Olin Barrett
Robert Bauer BS 94 Transportation Design and Pascale Bauer
Nancy Baxter
Janice and Thomas Bea
Chantal and Stephen Bennett
Julieta and Jeffrey Bennett
Bruce Bittle BS 62 Product Design
Caroline Blackburn MFA 88 Art and Ira Land
Blum and Poe
Deborah and Franklin Booth
Lisa and Wayne Brandt
Joan Branin
Mrs. Judith Brown
Marni Burns
Shirley Burton
Sigrid Burton and Max Brennan
Susan and John Caldwell
Sioux Cann
Sue and Stephen Chandler
Wayne Clark BFA 78 Graphic/Packaging
Catherine Condon Woolway and Ari Zieger
Hilary Crahan
David Kordansky Gallery
Jennifer Davies
Nancy Davis
Sally De Witt
Tim Delaney BS 72 Product Design and Susan Delaney
Jennifer Diener
Michele and Bart Doll
Sally and Theodore Doll
Michele and Todd Doney
Kathleen and Michael Dooling
Regina Dowling-Jones and Charles Jones
Kathleen and Jerrold Eberhardt
Gail and James Ellis
Rachel Elnar
Annette Ermshar and Dan Monahan
Valerie Foster Hoffman
Glenn Gee BS 73 Product Design and Melissa Gee
Susi and Dennis Gertmenian
Jered Gold and Nickolas Teague
Stephen Gonyea BFA 72 Illustration
Betsy Greenberg
Heather and Paul Haaga, Jr.
Maxine Harris
Charlotte and Simon Harrison
Ann Hazeltine
Alan S. Hergott
Jane and Mark Herzog
Hannah Hoffman
Joan Hotchkis
Nancy and Carl Hulick
Wayne Hunt and Carla Walecka
Kim Hurlbert-Sarosi and Andrew Sarosi
Barbara and Frank Jameson
Yingting Jiang BS 15 Environmental Design
Katherine and Paul Johnson
Wayne Kady BS 61 Transportation Design
Jane Kang BS 00 Environmental Design
John Keeler
Judith G. Kelly
Lisa Kenyon
William Kiely BFA 01 Film and Gail Kiely
Tiffany and Leonard Kim
Katherine King and Torrey Sun
Gale Kohl
Terri and Jerry Kohl
Susan Kosakowsky Burdick and Bruce Burdick
Denise and Ming Lai
Laird Norton Real Estate, Inc.
Amelia and David Lamb
Brooke Larsen Garlock and Edward Garlock
Sandra Law BFA 83 Advertising and Chuck Law
Margaret Leong Checca and Michael Checca
Kay and David Linden
Lucia and Ben Logan
Gail Lovejoy
Shelly and Dennis Lowe
Stan Lucas
Catherine and Horace MacVaugh
Mona and Frank Mapel
Pamela and John Massar
Sarah and Eric Miller
Jerrine and Thomas Mitchell
Loretta Mockler
The Muhs Family Foundation
Ramone Muñoz BFA 77 Advertising, MFA 90 Art and Tom Jacobson
Ann and Peter Murphy
Katherine Murray-Morse and Doug Morse
Mary Adams O'Connell and Kevin O'Connell
Mary O'Hare and Steven Mayer
Carolyn Oliver and Brent Covey
Katie and Chris Poole
Elisabeth A. Price
Quail Lodge & Golf Club
Winnie Reitnouer
Wilson Reniers III BS 14 Product Design
Peter Rhoads BS 61 Product Design
Louise and Robert Ritchie
Juls and Andy Rooke
Beth Rudin DeWoody
Grace and Kenneth Russak
Betty Sargent
Richard Saurer BS 65 Product Design
Jeannine Scheinhorn and Clifton Cates
Ray and Janet Scherr Foundation
Annette Serrurier
David Shannon BFA 83 Illustration and Heidi Shannon
Brenda Soderquest Pepper BFA 62 Illustration
Janet and Alan Stanford
Barbara Mann Steinwedell and Bill Steinwedell
Gretel and George Stephens
Tom Stern and Stern
Kelly and Mark Talt
Naomi Taube BFA 79 Advertising and Lawrence Taube
Laney and Tom Techentin
Geneva and Charles Thornton
Beatrice Trujillo
Nicholas Tsui BFA 71 Photography and Anna Tsui
Caroline and Greg Tufenkian
Mary and Bill Urquhart
Julie and Scott Ward
Clarissa and Brad Weirick
Pae White MFA 91 Art and Tom Marble
Cici Williamson
Arlene Withers
Amy and Richard Wohl
Anita Yagjian
Gretchen and Todd Zelek
Barbara Zimmermann


Meredith Abbott BFA 62 Illustration and Duncan Abbott
Edward Acuna BFA 74 Illustration and Gail Acuna
Jacqueline Aguirre
Robin Hideko Akashi MFA 18 Art
Gene Albert BFA 57 Photography and Aileen Albert
Hugh Alexander BFA 84 Illustration
Nathan Allen BS 02 Product Design
Niels Alpert
AmazonSmile Foundation
Davis Ammons BS 65 Product Design
Katherine Amyx BFA 89 Graphic Design and Kirk Amyx BFA 86 Photography
David Arnold BFA 63 Advertising Illustration and Jan Arnold
Helen Arnold
Sheryl Lynn and Jack Ballas
Reza Bassiri BFA 00 Graphic Design
Judy and Tom Beckmen
Charles Miller Benedict BFA 74 Fine Art, MFA 76 Art
Diane and Ray Bernstein
Marta Betancourt-Prince
Adam Bivens
Scarlit Bloome BFA 92 Graphic/Packaging and Gerardo Herrera BFA 91 Graphic/Packaging
Teri Bond
Zachary Buchman MS 17 Industrial Design
Jeff Burne BFA 82 Advertising and Nancy Burne
Joshua Byrdic
Mary and Frank Carone
Bruce Carroll BFA 75 Photography and Janie Kay
Ian Cartabiano BS 97 Transportation Design
Grace and David Cashion
Andy Caulfield BFA 78 Photography
Dong Cha BS 14 Product Design
Maryann and Jerry Chang
Robert Chave
Shih-Chuan Chen BFA 05 Graphic Design
Judy Chin
David K.Chow BFA 93 Graphic/Packaging
Hortensia Chu BFA 84 Graphic Design
Wendy and Michael Churukian
Timothy Clark Illustration and Regina Clark
Mark Clarke
Eleanor Cohen Louis BFA 89 Illustration
Nathan Cooke BS 08 Product Design
Bob Cooley BFA 49 Advertising†
Course Hero
Karen and David Courtney
Loring Curry BFA 80 Photography
Ray David BFA 11 Advertising and Melissa Luciano-David
Barbara Davis BFA 80 Illustration and Brad Reynolds
John Davis BFA 92 Advertising
Irene DeBerry BFA 97 Advertising
Margi and Bill Denton
Raj Desai BS19 Product Design
Design Studio Press
Russell Devita BFA 00 Graphic Design
Kristen Ding BFA 94 Graphic Design and Mitchell Chang
Walt Disney Imagineering, Research and Development, Inc.
Keiko Doi BFA 97 Fine Art
Simon Estrada BFA 13 Illustration
Laura Lee Evans BS 96 Environmental Design
Leslie Evans MS 13 Industrial Design
Jennifer Faist
Rosa Farrer
Natalie Farrow
Erika Felsoory BFA 66 Advertising
Bill Ferris BFA 84 Photography and Marsha Donaldson
Jeffery Fey BFA 80 Illustration and Lyn Fey
Clyde Foles BS 66 Transportation Design and Suzanne Dalton
Kenichi Fukunaga BS 68 Product Design and Terumi Fukunaga
Cathy Gabourie
Gilbert Garcia BS 71 Product Design
Marco Garcia
Earl Gee BFA 83 Graphic/Packaging and Fani Chung
Bruce Geyman BS 65 Product Design and Nan Dearborn
Clifford Ghetti BS 67 Transportation Design
Jason Gholston BFA 00 Film
Cheryl Gillies
Katherine Go BFA 78 Advertising
Walter Gollwitzer BS 63 Product Design and Jo Ann Gollwitzer
Christophe Gomez
Ulises Gonzalez
Paula Goodman
Valerie Gresham BFA 90 Fine Art and Bruce Gresham
Marsha and Joe Grieco
Sa Guo and Zhicheng Wang
Andy Gutierrez BS 17 Environmental Design
Carrie Hansen
Christine Hanson
Jillian Harris BFA 86 Advertising
Richard Hatch BS 67 Product Design and Mary Hatch
Brian Havard BS 68 Product Design
Devin Hawker BFA 84 Film and Wendy Hawker
Jack Hermsen BFA 72 Advertising and Kathryn Hermsen
Bryan Hernandez
Christine and Curt Hessler
Jeffrey Higashi BS 95 Product Design and Shiori Higashi
Luciel Hinden
Sean Ho BS 91 Environmental Design
Kathy and Steve Hoskins
Gweneth Hourihan
Loucine and James Huckabay
Sandra Hutchings
Jessica Lo BFA 03 Illustration
Norman Inouye BS 68 Product Design and Elsie Inouye
Intel Corporation
Stephanie and Kevin Ishioka
Gabrielle Jennings MFA 94 Art and Ethan Johnson
Doris Jew BFA 91 Graphic Design
Jean Joe
Thomas Johnson BS 64 Product Design and Ann Johnson
Andrew Kaiser
Chiaki Kanda BS 01 Environmental Design
Neil Karunatilaka
Yasushi Kato BS 90 Transportation Design
Brent Kikawa BS 81 Product Design and Eve Kikawa
James Kim BFA 12 Fine Art Media
Min-Kyung Kim BFA 04 Graphic Design
Grant Kirkpatrick BFA 05 Film
Diane and Ron Kleve
Wendi and Will Knox
Daniel Ko BFA 90 Graphic
Stan Kong BS 83 Product Design and Lisa Kong
Lori Koop BFA 98 Fine Art
Alison and William Kuehn
Jun-Jun Kung BFA 01 Photography
Ming-Zhu Chian and Tzu-Jen Kuo
Stacy and George H. Ladyman, Jr. BS 87 Transportation
Linda and Patrick Lam
Sherry Lambie and Jeff Herskowitz
Paula Langan BFA 73 Advertising
Jennava Laska MFA 09 Grad Film
Emily and Michael Laskin
Kathy and Daniel Lau
Pamela Lee and Ethan Lo
Leslie and Ron Lee
Wendee Lee BS 02 Product Design
Glenn Levy BFA 66 Advertising and Natalie Levy
Richard Lewellen BS 58 Product Design and Muriel Lewellen
Edward Lewis BFA 56 Illustration and Elaine Lewis
Sangli Li MFA 15 Grad Media Design
David Ligare BFA 65 Illustration
Hua Ling BS 94 Environmental Design
Benjamin Lopez BFA 95 Graphic Design
Yaofei Ma BS 18 Product Design
Jay Malloy BS 84 Product Design and Vivian Terr
Danni and Kingson Man
Rodolfo Manning BFA 97 Graphic Design
Francisco Marquez BFA 80 Photography
Arnold Martin
Debra and Rudy Martinez
Luc Mayrand BS 85 Transportation Design
Drew McGray and Buzz Tryon
Richard McGregor BFA 88 Photography and Kristen V. McGregor
Thomas Franklin Meredith, Jr. BFA 04 Graphic
Pablo Meyer BS 82 Product Design
Miao Miao
Michigan State University
Angela Miller
Jay Minnick BFA 90 Illustration and Maureen McAndrews
Robert Minuzzo Illustration and Anni Minuzzo
Sigrid Moeslinger BS 91 Product Design
Richard Moore BFA 68 Advertising and Noriko Moore
Thomas Mueller MFA 95 New Media
Heidrun Mumper-Drumm and Richard Drumm
Museo Eduardo Carrillo
Esmeralda Nava
Sue Nichols
Jenny Noa
Alvin Oei BS 18 Environmental Design
Hiroko Onoda
Sandra Faye Oppegard BFA 63 Illustration
Randy Oxley BFA 95 Illustration
Catherine and Peter Palermo
Justine Limpus Parish Illustration
Mark Penberthy BFA 82 Illustration
Steven Peng MS 03 Industrial Design
Audrey and Paul Pettyjohn
Rose Piccioni
Philip Pirolo BFA 92 Fine Art
George Porcari BFA 86 Fine Art, MFA 87 Art
Charles Potter BFA 86 Photography
Tracy and Steve Price
Paul Pruneau BFA 79 Graphic/Packaging
Allison Pultz
Tishia Que BFA 03 Graphic Design
Margaret Quigley
Susan Quinn
Blake Rainey
Jean Rasenberger MFA 92 Art
Andrew Rea BFA 87 Illustration
Gamjai and Patrick Revere
Rob Richards BFA 84 Illustration and Debbie Richards
Marlen Richardson
Jom Rivers BFA13 Fine Art
Sarah Robbins-Hulsebus BS 77 Environmental Design
Catherine Rodman
Todd Roos BFA 82 Graphic Design and Elizabeth Roos
EunJin Saito BFA 04 Graphic Design
John Salandria
Benny Sanches
Jay and Julie Sanders
Jessica Sayers BFA 14 Graphic Design
James Schlenker BS 83 Illustration
Nina Shahriaree BFA 19 Graphic Design
Sonya Sharififard
David Sherman BS 00 Environmental Design
Naoki Shimada BS 04 Product Design
Tzuyi Shimizu BS 07 Transportation Design
Laura C. Shumate
Aaron Smith BFA 88 Illustration
Clyde Smith II BFA 58 Illustration
Leslie Smith BFA 84 Film
Stephanie Smith BFA 21 Illustration
Patrick Soo Hoo BFA 71 Advertising
Erne Soos BS 79 Environmental Design and Silvia Soos
Brien Spanier BFA 88 Advertising and Kristine Spanier
David Stradal
Janet Stratford Davis BFA 74 Advertising and Peter Crosby
Erik Strommer BFA 97 Advertising Illustration
Vanessa Stump
BFA 00 Photography and Martin Koning-Bastiaan
Amy and Mark Swain
Zaza and Thomas Sylvester
Jiyoung Tak and Hyunggyu Choi
JoJo Tardino-Diedrich and Fred Diedrich
Blair Taylor BS 85 Transportation Design
Nicholas Tiffany
Terri Timlin MA 06 Art Criticism & Theory
John Toffoli BFA 84 Graphic/Packaging
Susan Toth
Toyota Motor Sales U.S.A., Inc.
Jessica Truelyt
Elinor and Rubin Turner
Susan Valla
Alida and John Van Hamersveld
Andrea Vogel
Dana Walker-Juick BFA 95 Photography
Timothy Wall BS 06 Product Design
Judith and Roger Wallenstein
Fu-Chun Wan Product Design
Jackson Wang MFA 08 Media Design Practices
Bud Warashina BS 71 Product Design
Brent Watts BFA 89 Illustration
Pascual Wawoe BS 97 Product Design
Ralph Waycott III BFA 78 Photography
Amanda Webb
Ines Weber
Benjamin Wellington
Marie White BFA 77 Graphic/Packaging
Frank Whitelock BFA 92 Graphic Design
Michael Winder
Lloyd Wong
Joe Wu
Yuze Xu
Edward Yamada BS 66 Environmental Design and Jo Ann Yamada
Mary Yanish BFA 78 Illustration
Knarik Yapundzhyan
Linda Yoon MFA 07 Media Design Practices
Ben Young BFA 62 Photography and Lynne Young
Jessica Luttkus and Rob Young
Nino Yuniardi BFA 97 Graphic/Packaging
Vincent Zhang BS 18 Product Design
Mingjun Zheng BFA 22 Film
Veslemoey and Harald Zwart