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BOLD 2020: Webinars for a Changing World

Inspiration and Practical Guidance During a Time of Global Economic Uncertainty

How can artists and designers survive and thrive when the economy and job markets are disrupted?

With reduced budgets, freezes on hiring and delays for new projects due to the global pandemic, many are worried about their careers. Our community must be prepared to adapt, to seek new opportunities and to respond to the crisis with clarity and purpose. Periods like this are not new and there is no better place to look for strategies than in the history of our community. ArtCenter alumni have a remarkable reputation for responding to technological, cultural and economic change. The wisdom in our network will prepare us for the future, whatever it may hold.

Join us for a series of practical webinars led by alumni and experts who thrived during the turbulence of the financial crisis of 2008 and other periods of economic and cultural change. Learn ways to adapt your practice, master new tools and shift focus to build your career, pay your bills and create the best work possible.


Entrepreneurship and Professional Practice

BOLD Mission

Educate artists and designers with the business and entrepreneurship skills needed to launch new ventures and organizations.

Enable participants to articulate and convey their value to businesses and clients.

Explore ways that art and design can transform businesses and drive the interaction between customers and products.

Professional Education

Supporting students and alumni seeking to launch new ventures, build businesses, develop professional expertise and navigate new career pathways through the entire arc of their professional lives.