Kellin Sproul

Student Voices

Kellin Sproul (they/them), BS, Entertainment Design

Even at a young age, Kellin Sproul knew they had a passion for telling artistic, immersive stories. "I started to research how my favorite animated shows were produced, and I realized, you could make a career out of this," they said. "I found out about ArtCenter, and I knew I wanted to go here."  

ArtCenter's Entertainment Design offers three different tracks Concept, Game Design and Animation, which covers the entire spectrum of the animation process, including concept art and previsualization to 2D, 3D and CGI animation.

It's incredible to learn from an instuctor who has put so much love and care into an animated show's aesthetic.

Kellin Sproul

In the Animation track, Kellin has worked to hone their creative and technological expertise, from detailed character design to storyboarding skills, all while studying with an instructor who worked on an admired animated show.

"My instructor Alan Wan is the director for The Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles," they said. "I aspire to also be a director on a serialized animated show; it's incredible to learn from someone who has put so much love and care into the show's aesthetic."

Kellin appreciates the connective, collaborative nature of ArtCenter, particularly being paired up for projects with students with varying interests and talents. 

Recently, Kellin worked with a small team to create a short film about an egotistical wizard and a young, energetic apprentice. After casting a spell-gone-wrong, the wizard must partner with the apprentice, and overcome his ego, to defeat a massive monster. 

"As a team, we came up with all these great ideas I never would've thought of," they said. "I really enjoy these experiences; they feel uniquely ArtCenter."