Jamil Watson

Student Voices

Meet Jamil Watson (he/him), BFA, Graphic Design

What does it mean to be a graphic designer? For Jamil Watson, it's about communicating ideas in visually stunning ways, while making the intention easy to understand by your audience. 

Jamil, who started his college career as a physics major, decided to explore one of his earlier hobbies. "I used to draw all the time when I was a kid,” said Jamil, who transferred from El Camino College to ArtCenter. “I eventually took a typography class and just fell in love with it.”

For me, what it means to be a graphic designer is to visually communicate something you believe in.

Jamil Watson

At ArtCenter, Jamil's interests have become as varied as his mediums and messaging. He's discovered his love of setting type by hand, creating motion graphics and photographing city life — all while interning at digital creative studio Midnight Sherpa, at the invitation of one of his professors.

"At ArtCenter, they'll definitely push you to be the best creator that you can be," he said. "I feel I have the tools here to create just about anything."

Living outside L.A. has also allowed him to further channel his passions. "I've learned so much through exploring the city," he says. "I like to take images of different people, textures, the graffiti on the walls — it's a huge source of inspiration. I'm really happy with where I've landed."