Joy Lee

Student Voices

Joy Lee (she/her), BS, Interaction Design

For Joy Lee, interaction design has endless possibilities. "I describe it as the positive energy that comes from when a human interacts with a digital object," she says. "And how it creates unique public and private spaces within our world."

Joy loves studying at ArtCenter because of the vast amount of resources and community students can easily tap into. "If I want to make a prototype, I can just go to the Shops and build it," she said. "And it's not just that: ArtCenter provides a professional space where we can share ideas and learn from each other."

ArtCenter provides a professional space where we can learn from each other. They prepare us for the real world.

Joy Lee

During her time at the College, Joy has built a portfolio of work designing apps and websites that incorporate her interests in the Broad museum and other Los Angeles cultural institutions. 

"We were able to visit museums and urban spaces to see what they need, and now we're creating user personas and scenarios," she says. "By developing these types of projects outside the classroom, ArtCenter is preparing us for the real world."