Detail from a John Wick: Chapter 2 poster by ArtCenter alumnus Noah Minuskin. Image courtesy of the artist.

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June 06, 2017
Writer: Mike Winder
Images: Courtesy Noah Minuskin

Kicking against the digital takeover: Noah Minuskin's hand-drawn John Wick poster

When Los Angeles-based artist and Illustration alumnus Noah Minuskin (BFA 15) isn't busy inking scenes of spiritual agony on his clients' limbs or torsos, the internationally recognized artist lends his considerable talents to clients beyond the world of tattoos.

For John Wick: Chapter 2, which lands on DVD, Blu-Ray and 4K Ultra HD on June 13, Lionsgate hired Minuskin to create a one-off, limited edition movie poster for director Chad Stahelski's stylish sequel to the Keanu Reeves-starring neo-noir brawler.

“In an age of ‘digital takeover’, especially when it comes to movie posters, Noah reminds us what the hand is still capable of achieving,” read a statement from Lionsgate. “The attention to detail is clear, as the artist takes us on an epic journey, giving us many hints as to what’s in store from the new movie.”

"For this project, it was important for me to make the hand of the artist show through," Minuskin told Dot of his poster. "I wanted the viewer to see the labor, to see the mark making, and for the person to appreciate the work as art first, before seeing the work as an advertisement for the movie." 

According to Minuskin, the larger canvas of the project—the original artwork is 27" x 40"—allowed him plenty of room to explore and to create an experience that tells a journey. "Storytelling plays a huge role in the creative process with my tattoo work," he says. "So bringing that element to this was a fun challenge for me."

Minuskin continues to point to his education at ArtCenter as instrumental in helping him adapt his work to flourish across mediums. “My time and training at ArtCenter, and the tools I crafted there, really allowed me to take this project head on,” he says. “This was all new water for me, but the problem solving I used throughout allowed me to offer the best of myself.”