About Dot Magazine

ArtCenter is a community of bold imagination and innovative spirit, and the creative contributions of our alumni, faculty, students and supporters inspire pride and energize our growth. As the College’s flagship publication, Dot magazine explores and celebrates their far-reaching influence within professional disciplines and on culture and contemporary society as a whole.

Dot magazine is published by ArtCenter’s Department of Marketing and Communications. Stories are published online throughout the year, and a print edition is published in the Spring and Fall. The magazine’s wide readership includes alumni and donors; corporate and foundation supporters; industry, educational and cultural partners; community members and local officials.

To help categorize the wide array of stories that appear online, we’ve created sections that group programs under shared characteristics.


Communication Design

Stories about how we express ideas, present information and reinterpret the world around us are cornerstones of Brand Design and Strategy, Creative Direction, Graphic Design and Graduate Media Design Practices.

Industrial Design

From intuitive experiences and consumer products to innovative solutions and striking visuals, stories about industrial design include Entertainment Design, Furniture, Lighting and Fixtures Design, Interaction Design, Product Design, Spatial Experience Design, Transportation Design and Grad ID.

Visual Arts

Challenging assumptions, inspiring narratives and providing new forms of human experience are among the common story traits shared by Film, Fine Art, Grad Art, Illustration, and Photography and Imaging.

College News

Overarching stories about College events, initiatives and activities provide a foundation for the total educational experience at ArtCenter.

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Student works reproduced or referenced in Dot are for educational purposes only. ArtCenter College of Design does not endorse any of the products, brands or companies that may appear as part of any student work. In most cases, alumni artwork was provided directly by individual alumni. We thank them for sharing their work with Dot magazine.