Andrew Villaseñor

Student Voices

Andrew Villaseñor, (he/him), BS, Entertainment Design, Game Design Track.

Andrew Villaseñor is turning his childhood passions into his career at ArtCenter.

"Watching TV shows, reading comics, and playing games, those were big inspirations for me to start experimenting with art," he says. "For me, the biggest deciding factor for attending ArtCenter was the professional focus. Seeing the alumni working at Disney, Warner Bros., and in the gaming industry — I could see my career path."

An ArtCenter Game Design student test a game

For me, the biggest deciding factor for attending ArtCenter was the professional focus — I could see my career path."

Andrew Villaseñor

ArtCenter's Game Design concentration is a blend of cutting-edge technical skills — coding, game engines and 3D modeling software — and sheer artistry.

"It's also learning to listen to what players have to say and take that feedback, along with studying the industry and analyzing media," Andrew says.

He appreciates his instructors' deep professional knowledge about what's working (and isn't) in the world of gaming. "It's one thing to read about it," says Andrew. "It's another thing to have someone sitting right in front of who's worked at Blizzard for a ton of years."

Andrew's latest creation is the game Honey Havoc. "I got to work on art assets and with some amazing folks to make the music," he says. "It really is one of my favorite products."

ArtCenter's state-of-the art facilities — like the rapid prototyping lab with the latest professional equipment for all forms of making — have been essential to Andrew's making process.

But his base of operations  is, of course, the game room. "It's a dedicated workspace for students within the game design track," he says. "It's where we check out the newest games, use the latest hardware, or just have a location to experiment, prototype, really think about your ideas and collaborate with your peers."