Alum Jeremiah Baker on Designing for Tech, Advocating for Change, and the Red Thread of an ArtCenter Education

Natalie Candrian shines as head of product design for Olympic track star Allyson Felix’s brand Saysh

Yves Behar (BS 91)

Design Entrepreneur, Founder and CEO, Fuseproject

Claude Zelwegger (BS 91)

Director of Design, Google

Niklas Gustaffson (BS 97)

Director Global Design and Innovation, PepsiCo

Martin Lotti (BS 97)

Chief Design Officer, Nike Jordan Brand

Audrey Liu (BS 97)

VP, Head of Design, Lyft

Natalie Candrian (BS 98)

Lead Creative on Product for Saysh (Olympian Allyson Felix’ performance and lifestyle footwear brand)

Heather Emerson (BS 04)

Head of Design, Coursera*

Angie Park (BS 11)

US Design Researcher, Sony

Jessie Kawata (BS 13)

Sustainable Design Leader, Microsoft

Andrew Kim (BS 13)

Product Designer, Microsoft

Kristina Marrero (BS 14)

Color, Materials, Finishes Designer, Snap, Inc.

Lori Nishikawa (BS 17)

Founder, Quovadis Design

Ofir Atia (BS 18)

Product Designer, New York Times

Nico Ramirez (BS 18)

Product Designer, Meta

Sophia Rowland (BS 19)

Design Strategist, Johnson & Johnson

Shu Ou (BS 19)

UX Designer, Deloitte

Kevin Simmons (BS 19)

Senior Service Designer, Volvo

Hector Gonzales (BS 19)

Footwear Designer, Nike Jordan Brand

Jillian Bak (BS 19)

Associate Master Planner, Walt Disney Imagineering

Henry Song (BS 19)

Footwear Designer, Adidas,

Shey Ni (BS 20)

Industrial Designer, Bird

Hanna Ali (BS 20)

Founder, Hoechitecture

Tricia Sada (BS 20)

Industrial Designer, Procter & Gamble

Olivia P (BS 21)

Product Designer, Mattel

Shannon Faltys (BS 21)

Junior Color, Materials and Finish Designer, Tesla

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