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Drawing a Blank 101

This class, previously titled Making Sense of Process, has been reinvented in a different form with a shift in direction. Looking at the creative process is in contrast to participating in it. And participation is not always what it seems. Through discernment, as a subtle form of judgment, the class will look at artwork in the studios of those attending, along with work that serves as their inspiration (non-media specific). The few reading assignments given are from various American naturalists, among others.

The real difference involves an increased emphasis on what needs to be learned directly through process and incremental progress, rather than finding newer and more complicated words that require mental strain. Another alteration in the class, for those who have not previously attended (and all Graduate Fine Art students are welcome to join), will be continual efforts towards relevant communication, judgment and personal decision-making. Instead we’ll strive to willfully change patterns, rather than insist on popular opinion or ideal.

The goal here is to develop a meaningfully connected, creative community. Keep in mind that those eleven words have different associations for each participant in the classroom. Students are encouraged to believe in something larger than a career, to look past a singular process called “me,” knowing that the myriad qualities found in the idea “self” will inevitably change.

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