The Wish List

Pick a number, any number, and help a student make it.

Your gift to the ArtCenter Fund gives the school flexibility to provide the resources students must have to learn by making. Gifts of every size directly impact student experience.


Buys a month’s supply of one pigment for the model shop.


Buys black-and-white fixer for one photo
processor in the photo lab.


Buys emulsion for silkscreen printing for one term in the print shop.


Buys a month supply of plaster for the model shop.


Buys binding materials for one year for Archetype Press.


Buys 12 full inkwells for the inks it takes to run the digital printer for the photo lab.


Buys a year’s worth of free supplies for Archetype Press.


Buys a month’s supply of free inventory for the model shop.


Buys a year of software licenses for all our free computer labs.

Buy a legit graphic design book, and pay bills.

A 16mm 1.4 Canon prime lens

I’d put $50 aside for supplies and food, and pass on the other $50 by either donating to the homeless or buying a friend a meal.

Art and design education is constantly changing. So are our student needs for materials, labs, workshops and technology. While we cannot predict exactly how each gift will be utilized, we guarantee a gift to the ArtCenter Fund will directly impact a student’s educational experience in meaningful ways.