Peace Over Violence

ArtCenter offers several programs to educate and increase awareness about sexual violence and prevention throughout our campus community. The College has partnered with Peace Over Violence — a nonprofit working to build healthy relationships free from sexual, domestic and interpersonal violence — to provide students with trainings, confidential support services, and other resources, free of charge.

Interview with Jennifer Watanasutisas, Community Engagement & Training Coordinator at Peace Over Violence

Q: What is the purpose of Peace Over Violence?

A: Peace Over Violence has collaborations with several campuses throughout the L.A.-area. Our goal is to ensure the educational needs of students and other youth are being met in regards to violence in relationships.

Q: What benefits do you offer ArtCenter students?

A: Through our partnership with ArtCenter, we can offer students a variety of workshops in topics ranging from ending unhealthy relationships to dealing with cyberstalking.

Q: What other resources do you offer?

A: We can assist students interested in being connected to long-term resources, like counseling, case management or support groups. We also offer legal services if a student wants a consultation with one of our lawyers — all of our services are free of charge.

Q: Do you provide anonymity?

A: We have a very strong and strict confidentiality policy; we don’t release any information about survivors without permission.

Q: What should students do if they'd like to set up a training?

A: Anyone interested in learning more about our services, including setting up trainings, can reach out to the Title IX team or the Center for the Student Experience (CSE) and we will coordinate.