Sexual Misconduct and Title IX

Title IX Team

Officials with Authority

All identified individuals will properly route information to the Title IX Coordinator who will explain the process for filing a formal complaint. Anyone not certain to whom to report is encouraged to reach out to the Title IX Coordinator directly.

Title IX Coordinator:

Brittany Raygoza
Director of Title IX Compliance and Programs
626 396-2340

For safety or security matters:

Director of Campus Security:
Jim Finch
Campus Security
626 396-2225

For student-to-student matters:

Vice President of Student Affairs/Dean of Students:
Richard Walker
Center for the Student Experience
626 396-2325

Associate Dean of Students/Director of the CSE:
Jessica Krause
Center for the Student Experience
626 396-2323

For faculty matters:

Associate Provost for Faculty Affairs:
Ted Young, Ph.D.
Office of the Provost
626 396-4281

Acting Provost:
Anne Burdick
Office of the Provost

For Human Resources matters:

Vice President, Human Resources:
Lisa M. Sanchez, SPHR, SHRM-SCP, CPLC
Human Resources
626 396-2210

Associate Vice President, Human Resources:
Tracy Kerr
Human Resources
626 396-4349

For matters related to ArtCenter Extension:

Managing Director of ArtCenter Extension:
Dana Walker-Juick
ArtCenter Extension
626 396-2376

Director, K-12 Programs:
Erika Verik
ArtCenter Extension
626 396-2347

Title IX Team Training Materials

The Title IX Coordinator ensures that those with a material role in the informal and formal processes outlined in ArtCenter’s Sexual Misconduct Policy receive appropriate training in accordance with legal requirements and best practices. The purpose of this training is to protect the safety of all members of the ArtCenter community, to ensure a fair process and protections for all parties, and to promote accountability. Any party concerned about the objectivity or impartiality of a member of the Title IX Team should direct concerns to the Title IX Coordinator.

Certification courses hosted by the Association of Title IX Administrators (ATIXA):

  • OCR Title IX Regulations Training and Certification
  • Investigator Level 1 Certification
  • Investigator Level 2 Certification
  • Investigator Level 3 Certification
  • Investigator Level 4 Certification
  • Investigative Report Writing
  • Title IX Hearing Officer and Decision-Maker Certification
  • Title IX Coordinator and Administrator Level 1 Certification
  • Title IX Coordinator and Administrator Level 3 Certification
  • Title IX Coordinator and Administrator Level 4 Certification

Other trainings hosted by the Association of Title IX Administrators (ATIXA):

  • 20-Minutes-to-Trained modules
  • Hearing Panels and Decision-Maker Webinar: Briefing on the New Regulations
  • Regulations Overview Webinar for Colleges and Universities
  • Ten Things to Know About the New Title IX Regulations
  • Maintaining Title IX Program Integrity in a Pandemic
  • Proposed Regulations: Steps to be Taking Now
  • Recent Due Process Rulings by the California Courts: What Do California Colleges and Universities Need to Know and Do?
  • Exploring the Effect of the Cardona Decision
  • What California School Need to Know about SB 493
  • Annual Virtual Conference
  • Relevant online training materials, whitepapers, publications, position statements, and supplemental course training materials

ATIXA’s training materials for the above certification courses and other trainings are available for review.

ArtCenter-specific trainings hosted by the Director of Title IX Compliance and Programs:

  • Advisor Pool trainings
  • Title IX Task Force meetings and training sessions
  • Title IX Team trainings and facilitated case studies

ArtCenter’s training materials for the above sessions are available for review.

ArtCenter’s Training Materials for Decision Makers.

Other trainings: