ArtCenter Creative Direction student Jovan Ferrusca

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Jovan Ferrusca (he/him), BA, Creative Direction 

Jovan Ferrusca didn't think he was destined for art school. 

“My family background is from rural Mexico,” he says. “My mom was in the military; we're an industrial, blue-collar family.” 

But his mother encouraged him to check out ArtCenter, and the moment he stepped foot on the College's Hillside campus, he was all in.

ArtCenter students explore creative direction student work

You want the possibility of seeing your favorite skater and going to a cool art school? This is the place."

Jovan Ferrusca

Jovan is pursuing an undergraduate degree in Creative Direction, a major that prepares students to craft compelling narratives across a range of mediums, including film, video, photography, graphic and interaction design, social media, digital engagement and app conception. 

In other words, it goes far beyond advertising in the traditional sense. "You find yourself doing something that doesn't even feel like an ad,” says Jovan. “It feels like a movie. It feels like an event. It feels immersive."

One recent assignment included creating a product; another focused on designing the look of a venue. "In creative direction, you're doing it all," he says. "We're touching on emotions; you have to really make something that stops someone in their tracks."

An avid skateboarder, Jovan spends his time outside the classroom at South Pasadena's skate parks, which also attract pros. "You want the possibility of seeing your favorite skater and going to a cool art school? This is the place to do it," he says. 

ArtCenter's small class sizes allow Jovan to create strong bonds with fellow students, including his mom. "When people find out my mom goes here, their heads explode,” he says. "There was a photo she took of me that was in the student gallery, which is a testament of our dynamic."