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October 15, 2015
Writer: Silvia Sukop

Graphic Journalist Wendy MacNaughton

By turns whimsical and philosophical, the work of New York Times best-selling illustrator and graphic journalist Wendy MacNaughton (BFA 99 Fine Art) is grounded in direct, empathetic observation. Her illustration on the Spring 2015 cover of Dot magazine, originally for The Times, reimagines Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. Her book, Meanwhile in San Francisco: The City in its Own Words (Chronicle, 2014), began as an online series of “illustrated documentaries” about her beloved city for The Rumpus. She received ArtCenter’s Outstanding Alumni Award in 2011 and inspired the creation of the Spring 2015 Designmatters studio, Illustrated Journalism, in which she also served as guest speaker.

The artist’s self-portrait commissioned by The Atlantic for Sarah Yager’s article, “Meanwhile in San Francisco” (July/August 2014). Image courtesy of the artist.