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A New Crop of Artists (many with ArtCenter ties) Re-Create a Famed 1968 LACMA Photograph

Alums include: Diana Thater, Sterling Ruby, Edgar Arceneaux, Sharon Lockhart, T. Kelly Mason, Yunhee Min. Faculty (former and current): Walead Beshty, Charles Gaines, Lorraine Wild, Mary Weatherford, Thomas Houseago, Sam Durant, Lesley Vance, Alexandra Grant.


We Are Stardust: Metaphysics meets Meditation in Alum Natalia Fabia's Cosmically Cool Show, Rainbow Samsara

Untold Stories

“The clearer the communication, the more impactful it’s going to be. That’s essentially what design means for us: connect with the audience first.”

Rudy Manning (BFA 97 Graphics and Packaging)

Love and Love: Jon Jon Augustavo and Mego Lin