Branded Environments teaches students to create spaces with emotional impact


December 8, 2021
Stella Hernandez-Salazar

A branded environment is one of the most powerful ways to engage people in a true brand experience. By understanding the brand and its message, it’s possible to create a space that combines powerful methods of interaction with an emotional impact. In the ACX course Branded Environments, taught by ArtCenter alumna Stella Hernandez-Salazar (BS 11 Environmental Design), students learn how to turn their brand story into a 3D experience using space planning, interior architecture, materials, furniture details, graphics, lighting and media. They’ll explore a broad spectrum of projects including retail sites, restaurants, offices and exhibition spaces. By the end of the course, they’ll have created a well-conceived branded space. 

“We’ll use virtual boards that will allow you to share your work with classmates to create a dynamic environment of collaboration,” says Hernandez-Salazar. “This class offers a great opportunity to understand how to work with a brand to create a unique experience in different scales: from the overall design of an environment to the development of products that extend the experience beyond the physical space.”

Prerequisite: Introduction to Environmental Design 1 or by permission of an ArtCenter advisor.