ArtCenter Extension offers a wide range of hands-on non-degree courses for adults (ACX). For teens and kids, visit ACX Teens and ACX Kids
AD4CDs: Art Direction for Creative Directors


This 9-week course provides conceptualizing process, design, and production of creating impactful images for creative direction and focuses on formulating effective ideas for images that communicate the message, as well as constructing outstanding visuals. You will leave the course having learned to train your creative eye, and with work that can be part of your portfolio. Prerequisite: Intro to Creative Direction or Be the Creative Director (BtheCD). If you haven’t taken one of these courses, please submit samples of work or URL for an online portfolio: Meets online.

Art 360


Interested in exploring contemporary art but are not sure where to start? This course offers a hands-on exploration of several methods of art production and is designed to help expand your conceptual development, technical skills, and awareness of art-based processes offered in ArtCenter's undergraduate Art program. Explore principles and meaning as you experiment with a variety of disciplines including sculpture, painting, drawing, collage/mixed media and installation. Meets in person.

Brand Strategy Workshop

Brand Strategy Workshop


Are you seeking to attract high-value clients, level up your critical thinking skills, or increase your value in the marketplace? If so, brand strategy can be the factor that makes a difference.In this 7-week online workshop, you’ll gain skills, confidence, and a road map for developing brand strategy for clients or for your own business. Learn how to lead a strategy session, sell and price brand strategy, and discover a proven process for feretting out purpose and deeper meaning as the basis for design. An ideal class for designers, creative team leaders, art directors and creative directors, as well as independent and freelance creatives. Prerequisites: access to a computer or tablet and knowledge of presentation software (Keynote, Powerpoint, PDFs, etc.). Meets online.


Intro to Mixed Reality


In Mixed Reality (MR), physical and digital environments blend, enabling users to interact within both spaces simultaneously. In this class, you will learn to make with virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) technologies using game development software (Unity/ Unreal) and hardware (Oculus). Research, prototype, iterate, design, create a workflow, and combine the physical and digital to propose MR interactions, objects or environments. Through workshops, discover opportunities that will serve as a foundation for a final project. An ideal course for anyone interested in emerging technologies, video games, and industrial, environmental or interaction design. Workspace and course materials (Windows, PCs, VR and AR technologies) will be provided. Concurrent enrollment in one lab time is required. Meets in person. Mixed Reality lab times: ACX-006L-01 Thurs 7-10pm or ACX-006L-02 Fri 10am-1pm


Letterpress Workshops at Archetype Press

Offering 3 new weekend workshops using Archetype Press’ extensive collection of wood and metal foundry type, ornaments, dingbats and decorative rules and Vandercook proof presses.

Letterpress For All 


Whether you’re a beginner, or more advanced with ink already under your nails, design, hand-set and letterpress print your own unique broadsides, cards, notes or gifts. If you are a novice, you will be introduced to the basics of hand-set typography and letterpress printing. (June 10+11)


A Typographic Zoo


Create a unique creature using the Press' extensive collection of wood and metal foundry type, ornaments, dingbats and decorative rules, or linocut your favorite animal, and letterpress print your project. No prior letterpress experience necessary. (June 24+25)


Archetype New Wave


Experimental typographic workshop recommended for those who have taken Intro to Letterpress or who have had previous letterpress experience. Learn new printing and alternative letterform making techniques to create your own unique project and print it on one of the Press’ nine Vandercook proof presses. (July 8+9)


Watercolor Portraiture


This course will focus on painting portraits of people from a variety of races and ethnicities. Working from photos, learn how to paint a spectrum of skin tones as you explore the basics of color theory, linear perspective, compositional structure, figure/ground relationships, and visual perception. You’ll also learn to use watercolor and gouache techniques such as wash, wet into wet, and dry brush. No experience is necessary. Meets online.


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