Course of Study

Known for more than its longstanding influence in automotive design, our program helps prepare you for a career in all modes of transportation.

In addition to traditional elements of styling, comfort, safety and usability, our curriculum emphasizes vital topics such as sustainable mobility, the implications of brand, and product life cycle. Exploring the balance between form and function, Transportation Design students develop the ability to create vehicle concepts with distinct personality, improved function and broad social impact. Our program can help you gain fluency in drawing and in physical and digital modeling, as well as develop an understanding of vehicle architecture, materials, process and aerodynamics.

We offer three highly focused, advised areas of concentration: Vehicle Exteriors, Vehicle Interiors (including user interface and user experience) and Alternative Transportation (including motorcycle, marine, aircraft, personal mobility and public transit). No matter what type of transportation draws your passion, we can help prepare you for a highly rewarding career making an impact in that field.

Curriculum is subject to change.

For students entering Fall 2021, Spring 2022 and Summer 2022

Writing Studio OR Writing Studio: Intensive 3
Viscom Fundamentals 1 3
Product Prototype Process 1 3
Design Process 1 3
Design Fundamentals 1 3
Art of Research 3
Viscom Fundamentals 2 3
Development of Form 3
Design Process 2 3
Intro to Modernism OR 3 Credits of HHIS 3
History of Automobile Design 3
3rd Term Review 0
Transportation Studio 3A 3
Transportation Studio 3B 3
Vehicle Technology 3 2
Vehicle Architecture 2
Viscom Fundamentals 3 3
Automotive Engineering 3
3D Digital 4 3
Transportation Studio 4A 3
Transportation Studio 4A Lab 0
Transportation Studio 4B 3
Vehicle Technology 4 2
Viscom Fundamentals 4 3
Materials and Methods 1 3
5th Term Review 0
Transportation Studio 5A 3
Transportation Studio 5B 3
Viscom Fundamentals 5 3
3D Digital 5 3
The Design Professional 3
Human Factors and Design Psychology 3
Insights for Transportation Design 3
Transportation Design 6 3
Viscom Fundamentals 6 3
7th Term Review 0
Transportation Design 7 3
Transportation Studio 8A 3
Transportation Studio 8B 3
Humanities and Sciences electives:
Humanities 3
Social Sciences 3
Business and Professional Practice 3
Any of the above 9
Studio Electives 18
Total H&S units 45
Total Studio units 87
Total Required Units 132

If you can imagine it, we can find a way to make it.

Stewart ReedChair, Transportation Design