Program Learning Outcomes

Mission Statement

The Integrated Studies Department (INT) teaches students to: See with your hands, Think with your eyes, Make with your mind. Visual acuity and manual dexterity embody understanding. This embodiment of eye, mind and hand are essential to self-discovery and the development of a personal voice. To that end, the department provides students with a robust foundational program in visual language that emphasizes cross-disciplinary coursework with the essential skills necessary to succeed in their degree granting department. INT offers introductory and developmental coursework, in both core standards and electives with many additional labs, and workshops.

Essential Skills and Competencies

  • Students develop a fluent visual vocabulary (design principles) and the requisite skills necessary to apply visual relationships across core curriculum in preparation for the student’s areas of emphasis.

Critical Thinking and Creative Process

  • Students use, imagine and articulate research, conceptualization and problem solving strategies applied to any visual problem, demonstrating an understanding of creative processes.

Cultural Literacy and Contextual Reference

  • Students develop awareness of the context of their creative visual production and its reception.

Interdisciplinary Experience

  • Students explore art and design foundation skills between disciplines with a variety of media, technologies and research topics that include opportunities for hybrid course work.

Quality of Execution and Professional Practices

  • Integrated Studies provides multiple opportunities across a range of disciplines to develop excellence in execution and articulation of craft. Students develop presentation skills and professional practices.

Professional Ethics

  • Professional ethics is explored as part of art practice and design production, in terms of affecting personal / academic integrity, community, environment, sustainability and social awareness (equity, inclusion and diversity).