We explore new methods to visualize and validate—complete with new business models—our ideas for a better future.

ArtCenter's Graduate Industrial Design program prepares its graduates for professional fields with an ever-expanding potential for advancement in growth industries. Since the advent of digital technologies, our world has been changing at an ever more rapid pace. As a result, companies need to reinvent their business models at an ever-increasing pace to remain competitive. They have need for a new type of creative professional that can help them define a successful future for their enterprise. With that in mind, we ensure that graduates are able to take on the kinds of complex and unstructured problems that companies are likely to face. Our students learn to apply a broadly applicable methodology that illuminates important areas of opportunity that are focused on unmet human needs and aspirations. They learn how to create new value for those opportunities and communicate their designs for a better future in the form of new business models—all of which makes them eminently employable across a wide breadth of industries, from automotive to digital enterprise to manufacturing.  

Industrial Design / Careers

  • Advanced design
  • Business consulting
  • Communications design
  • Consumer product design
  • Design consulting
  • Education
  • Entertainment design
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Environmental design
  • Strategic systems design 

Career and Professional Development

ArtCenter is dedicated to providing internship, recruitment and networking programs that help students and alumni navigate their creative careers and establish connections with our industry partners.

ArtCenter Alumni Employers
Source: LinkedIn “Where they work” (May 2021)

Our students engage in research and critical discourse that prepares them to take on the kinds of complex and unstructured problems companies face today.

Andy OgdenChair, Graduate Industrial Design

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