Working at ArtCenter

The impact of art and design on the world cannot be denied—from art that serves as commentary on contemporary society or provokes conversation about the human condition, and design that allows a person to shed their physical limitations, to films that entertain the masses and advertising that influences human behavior, today’s artists and designers are innovators, thinkers, futurists, critics and visionaries. At ArtCenter, astonishingly creative and driven students hone their skills, develop their voice and, through our conservatory-like approach to education, become change-makers.

Whether you're a faculty member or service provider working directly with students, or any number of administrators working diligently behind the scenes, all ArtCenter employees benefit from being part of this dynamic, creative community. 

And, regardless of what position you hold, you will have the opportunity to contribute to the governance of the institution, engage with creative learners and educators, and participate in the rich cultural opportunities provided by the College.

This is a huge time of change and it’s one I’m confident we’re ready to face.

Karen HofmannPresident

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Stories are published online throughout the year, and a print edition is published in the Spring and Fall.


We strive to offer competitive salaries to all employees. We regularly engage in a comprehensive market analysis, including surveying like positions, for all staff positions. Faculty compensation levels are set on recommendation from Faculty Council in consultation with the Provost and Executive Cabinet.


ArtCenter provides a comprehensive benefits program, which includes options for medical, dental and vision health care coverage for regular, full-time staff members who work 30 or more hours per week and faculty members who work at least 18 hours per week. Qualified part-time employees are eligible for medical coverage if they work an average of 30 hours a week. The College provides life and long term disability coverage, access to a health advocate and a robust employee assistance plan at no cost to employees.

All employees have the opportunity to participate in a 403b retirement plan and may elect to contribute pre- or post-tax earnings. Additionally, ArtCenter makes an annual contribution to the accounts of eligible employees in an amount equivalent to 10% of the employee’s annual salary.

In addition, ArtCenter provides monetary incentives for ridesharing, carpooling, commuting by public transit and for those who bike or walk to work. We also offer a tuition remission program that provides benefits to faculty, staff and their dependents.

Employees have the option to purchase voluntary supplemental insurance and long term care coverage, contribute to a flexible spending account and join a local credit union.


Celebrating and Engaging Employees Outside the Classroom/Office

Current Employees

Inside ArtCenter

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Work-Life Balance

At ArtCenter we believe employees should enjoy a healthy work life balance. We enjoy a casual yet professional work environment, and the work itself can be intense, challenging and fast-paced so we feel it is important that you are provided time to relax and refuel.

Employees are encouraged to take accrued vacation each year (which increases every five years). In addition to paid vacation, employees are able to use paid sick leave for health maintenance (doctor’s appointments, medical tests and screenings) or to recuperate from illness or injury. A portion of your sick leave can be used to accompany a family member to appointments and/or tests. We also know that life is complicated and you may need time during the workweek to attend to personal matters. Because we want you to use your vacation for recreation and relaxation, eligible employees also receive one personal day per month to attend to the requirements of life.

Support for Faculty

Faculty, both full- and part-time, are eligible for a number of College funded grants administered by Faculty Council to pursue special projects or research, support teaching and education, or attend and present at relevant conferences. Comprised of representatives from all academic disciplines, Faculty Council is the official advocacy body of the faculty and part of the shared governance structure of the College.

The Faculty Development Department supports faculty in all aspects of teaching at ArtCenter. It conducts new faculty orientation, assists in developing syllabi and curriculum, provides support for teaching students who are English language learners or who have accommodation requirements, helps faculty develop assessment measures, leads the Faculty Assessment Liaison Cohort and offers all faculty 1:1 classroom consultation and coaching.

Support for Staff

All staff members are encouraged to participate in Staff Council, another shared governance body at the College. Staff Council includes representatives from HR and many other administrative departments. Together, members strive to create an environment where all employees feel valued and empowered, addressing issues related to school policy and campus culture.