Sexual Misconduct and Title IX

Mandated Reporter FAQs

What is a mandated reporter?

A mandated reporter is an ArtCenter employee who is obligated to disclose knowledge, notice, and/or reports of sexual harassment, sex discrimination, or retaliation with the Title IX Coordinator, as defined in the Sexual Misconduct Policy and the Employee Handbook. All ArtCenter faculty members and staff members, regardless of full-time or part-time status, are mandated reporters except for licensed counselors working in Student Mental Health Counseling Services. Therefore, with the exception of mental health counselors, any ArtCenter employee who knows or has reason to know of allegations or acts that may constitute a violation of the Sexual Misconduct Policy is required to immediately inform the Title IX Coordinator of all relevant information regarding the allegation, including the names of those involved.

Student employees who receive information about alleged sexual misconduct in the course of their job duties must report such information to the Title IX Coordinator. This reporting obligation also applies to ArtCenter third parties such as contractors or volunteers who are directly responsible for the welfare of students and/or the larger ArtCenter community.

How do I report something to the Title IX Coordinator?

Reports of alleged sexual misconduct may be made at any time, including outside of business hours, using the following contact information:

Brittany Raygoza
Director of Title IX Compliance and Programs
(626) 396-2340

The Title IX Coordinator and the rest of the Title IX Team are working remotely in compliance with state and College requirements due to COVID-19. Reports may be made via email, phone, mail or video conference. When administrative offices return to on-campus operations, the Title IX Coordinator’s office is located on the bridge at the Hillside Campus at 1700 Lida Street, Pasadena, CA 91103.

As an ArtCenter employee, what do I need to report to the Title IX Coordinator?

Employees with a mandatory duty to report are required to disclose all information they have received or have come to know about a given allegation of sexual misconduct. This includes the names of those involved, date(s), the nature of the alleged incident(s), and any other details, even if the person who initially disclosed information to the employee requested confidentiality. Sexual misconduct includes:

  • Sexual harassment
  • Sexual assault
  • Dating violence
  • Domestic violence
  • Stalking
  • Discriminatory harassment on the basis of sex
  • Sex/gender-based discrimination
  • Sexual exploitation
  • Threats, intimidation, hazing, or bullying on the basis of sex
  • Retaliation
  • Bad faith complaint of sexual misconduct

Do I still need to report information to the Title IX Coordinator if the person who disclosed information to me requested confidentiality?

Yes. Employees are not able to promise confidentiality to anyone reporting sexual misconduct. Therefore, it is best practice to inform anyone looking to disclose an allegation of sexual misconduct that you are required to immediately inform the Title IX Coordinator of all relevant information regarding the allegation, including the names of those involved, before they disclose anything to you. You may try to step in when you notice what they may be about to say and tell them, “It seems like you want to disclose something important to me, and I want to be here to listen. However, before you go any further, I do want you to know that I will need to report any allegations or information of potential sexual misconduct to ArtCenter’s Title IX Coordinator.” This way, the person understands what you will do with any information they may disclose.

It is important to respect the privacy of those involved in any alleged incident by sharing information only with those who have a legitimate need to know, which includes the Title IX Coordinator and appropriate deputies or designees. Out of respect for those involved, please do not share information with anyone who is not involved in the situation or resolution of the complaint.

What happens if I choose not to report something that I learn about as an employee or student employee at the College?

An ArtCenter employee’s failure to report potential violations of the Sexual Misconduct Policy in a timely manner may result in discipline, including possible termination of employment or other consequences. Student employees who receive information about alleged sexual misconduct in the course of their job duties but fail to fulfill mandated reporting obligations may also face discipline.

When an ArtCenter employee violates the Sexual Misconduct Policy by engaging in harassing or discriminatory behavior on the basis of sex, they have a duty to report their own misconduct. However, an employee who experiences behavior that may violate the policy, and who therefore would be defined as a complainant, is not required to report their own experience.

Is there somewhere I can learn more about the process to help support the person who disclosed potential sexual misconduct to me?

Yes. You can learn more about on-campus and off-campus resources available to members of the ArtCenter community, and you may download a printable resource that offers an overview of ArtCenter’s Sexual Misconduct Policy, the formal grievance process, and other information.

After I report alleged misconduct, can I find out the outcome of an investigation and hearing?

No. You will not receive information about the investigation report or the final determination of the matter. ArtCenter follows relevant privacy laws and best practices, and therefore the outcome is only shared with the complainant and respondent, as the people who are directly involved in the allegations.