Student Stories

Inae Song

Interaction Design

The College launched the Student/Space video series in fall 2013 to capture the essence of what it means to be an ArtCenter student by illuminating the art of making, from conception to completion. The idea was to capture the agony and ecstasy of creativity itself. So each term, three students from different disciplines were selected to collaborate on a series of three videos capturing the process of completing an ambitious class project, from beginning to end.

For this video, Inae Song (BS 16 Interaction), who was then a student, delivers a dynamic illustration of the iterative process involved in redesigning an interactive digital destination for AIGA, the American professional association for design professionals. Song hopes to apply her varied interests in design, computer and architecture to a career in one of design’s most rapidly evolving fields. “I want to design new ways of interaction between people and their environment–spaces that recognize users and adapt, based on a user’s mood, condition, task and so on,” explains Song. "But not only for commercial and practical things. I also want to design artistic and playful experiences.”

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